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(In-depth AWeber reviews with pros/cons, pricing, features)

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Aweber is an email marketing tool that will allow its users to automate everything in their business. Aweber started in 1998, it is one of the oldest email marketing services in the world. They are known for their services to small and medium-sized businesses with low subscribers base.

Their mission is named as WeCare, in which they take care of their community. They take care of their team members each year for 2 days. In those 2 days, they can do, what they are passionate about. They can take advantage of an advantage that matches their program.


Everything Automate

They provide their user a feature through which they can design anything without taking care of code.


Their user will get the edge in creating amazing looking emails with the help of their Smart Designer. Which will help the users to make a good impression in front of their audience. Users can create email templates of different designs with the AI-powered template designer which will create the template designs in just seconds.

AWeber Free: Easy email marketing

Sign Up Forms

You can create mobile responsive sign-up forms in seconds which will help you to capture your website visitors and help you to build your email list.

Drag and Drop builder

Their drag and drop builder is a very important tool that helps a business to create anything in just simple clicks. You can create anything stunning by just drag some boxes and drop them at their correct places. You do not require any coding or design experience.

If you do not prefer plain text emails and want to use HTML codded email templates, then you can use them and customize them according to your choice.

Easy Integration

You can easily integrate your email marketing service provider dashboard to other apps like Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, etc. These integrations will help up us to easily build-up Pop-Ups and sign-up forms on our site. These types of integrations will help you to easily grow your email list from a different type of forms and pop-ups.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for small businesses

AWeber Apps

AWeber has different apps for different functions. There are a total of 3 apps. If you want full features then you need to download all those apps.

Aweber Atom

This app will help you to quickly create a signup form on your mobile device and help that to share with others, This will help you to build your email list fast and easily.


This app will help you to create beautiful and stunning newsletters from your mobile with the help of your blog content and website content.

Aweber Stats

As the name suggests, this app will help you to see the results from your email campaigns and other campaigns. They will provide you all the data and detailed analysis which will help you understand the campaigns better.

Landing Page

We can create beautiful landing pages with just some simple clicks with their free tools. These beautiful looking landing pages will help you to collect your audience information like their email-ids, phone number, etc.

AWeber: Free email marketing and landing pages


This section will help you to understand the engagement process with your audience. This will help you to connect with your audience and help you to reach out to them with the right offer and right time.

Easy Management

You can easily categorize people into different groups or categories. You can divide people in a manner that who will respond to your mails and who will take your offers. After categorizing the peoples, it will be an easy and fast process for you to send them emails and offers.

Segmentation and Targeting

Aweber will help you to segment your targeted audience and help you to reach out to them. This will help you to target the right set of audiences which will help you to grow fastly. You can create a list of your audience and help you to reorganize them.

Reports and Data

Analytics will help you to analyze the data of your campaigns and emails like open rate or click rate. This type of data will be available on your Aweber login dashboard which will help you to increase your performance and growth.

These reports are very easy to understand. They will show your KPIs ( key performance Indicator) on your dashboard. These reports are mobile-friendly, and you can easily optimize them by doing the split test.

  • Split Test or A/B Test: – Split test is a comparison between two, which will help you to understand which thing will work best. In Aweber also, we can conduct a split test between two emails.
  • We can compare their subject line, messages, preview text to see which will work best and help you to deliver the right message. You can even test the send time of your emails which will help to gain good open rates and help you to understand your audience.
  • We can optimize the emails by sending them to half of our subscribers, if they perform well then we can send the same mail to the other half of subscribers.
  • We can test the mail timing, at which time our emails perform well. Whether our subscribers read our mail-in morning, noon or night.
  • AutoResponders: – It is a feature that will help you to send automatic emails to your audience. For instance: –
  • If someone subscribes to your email list. They will get the Welcome Email.
  • After some days they will get another mail from your side, in a form of goals or offers
  • Then there will be a follow-up email.

( this sequence varies with person-to-person)

Create automated email sequences with AWeber

These types of features will help you to save time and make you more efficient.

AWeber Review-Top 5 Pros or benefits

It is very easy to use

Aweber is an easy to use platform which will work according to their user. Their dashboard is user-friendly and they do webinars or meet-ups with their users so that they can understand the need of their users.

Aweber Free plan

They give an option to their new users to start with a free plan. So, that they can understand their working environment and if Aweber meets their demands.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

Ready-made templates

Users can use their pre-built templates library that will help them to save their time and efforts. Their Library is huge than some of their competitors.

Support System

One of the most important factors for email marketing companies is their support system. Aweber extends its support system to 24/7  live chat and email support. Which will help their users to get better and fast responses.

Import Functionality

They provide an option to import files and emails directly to autoresponders. This service is a free service that will help you to import your existing email list into your account.

AWeber Review- 2 Cons or disadvantages

Autoresponders are not extensive

Aweber autoresponders options are not very much extensive as compared to competitors. You can not use Aweber in a more advanced way. If you want to use advanced email marketing features then you need to consider other options.

High Price

In marketing automation, there are cheaper options available out there. You need to consider them if you want to use some advanced features.

AWeber Pricing Plans

There are two plans available for businesses

Free Plan

If you have upto 500 subscribers, you can use their free plan which includes at least half ofthe pro plan features.You can send up to 3000 emails. You will not be able to create more than 1 list.

There will be no Split Test, and you will not be able to remove Aweber branding.

Pro Plan

If your subscribers will increase from 500 then you need to consider their pro plan, which is as follows

  1. 0-500 then $19/mo
  2. 501-2500 then $29/mo
  3. 2501-5000 then $49/mo
  4. 5001-10000 then $69/mo
  5. 10,001-25,000 then $149/mo

If your subscriber base will increase from 25000 then you need to contact them for a quotation.




If you are a beginner and don’t know much about the email marketing service. Then you need to consider their free plan.
Their free plan will be applicable only when you will have up to 500 subscribers.

So, if you don’t like their service you can always move to other alternatives.