One of the most advanced tools which can influence people’s mind to change from negative to positive. 

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a way through which bloggers, influencers, or leaders (or other important persons) communicate with their audience through a set of E-mails services, called email marketing. 

People try to pass the message to their audience in a correct format or way like: –

First E-Mail: – Their Introduction, goals, etc.

Second E-Mail: – What they will get from these E-Mails

The next few E-Mails would be their learning or their message to their audience.

In this way best Email Marketing Software the automation services which will help email sender to save their time and money.  

How E-mail marketing services will help the sender of mail?

  1. Trust building: – Email marketing Platforms will help you if you will be able to provide quality content to your audience through your free email services or paid email services. Then it will help a sender to build trust with their audience easily. 
  2. Build yourself as a Personal Brand: -With trust, you can build yourself as a personal brand in front of your audience. Personal Branding will help you to represent yourself in front of your audience better than your competitor. It will help you to provide a better space, a better stage. Email marketing tools help the sender here.
  3. Community Building: -Email marketing software will help you to build a community within your audience. By building community, you will be able to get to know your audience in a better way. Their goals, hobbies, etc.
  4. Drive Traffic: -Whenever you wrote any blog post on your website. You can Email your audience about that and tell them to read that new blog post. Here bulk email service will help you to drive traffic to your website. 
  5. Loyal Customer Base: -Best email services help you advertise your brand/product which you have recently launched on your website. You can use top email marketing tools to send emails to your audience about your new launch and when your audience buys that product. It will help you to convert your audience to your loyal customer. 
  6. Generate Passive Income: – Through Email Marketing you can do affiliate marketing which will help you to generate a good passive income. In the last few months or I would say post corona time, people are moving to the digital world. People are stepping in blogging and affiliate marketing now. 

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This is a very in-depth article where you are going to learn about the Top 10 email marketing software for 2021

Mailchimp Email Marketing Software 

Mailchimp email marketing is one of the easiest use and popular free email marketing tool for beginners due to its features which, we will discuss below.

  1. Free plan with features: – Mailchimp email marketing software has a free email marketing plan which will help you to send emails up to 2000 subscribers. It has a lot of features like Landing page creation, etc. 
  2. User friendly: – Mailchimp email service has a user-friendly dashboard that will help you to build landing pages and forms with their free drag and drop builder and free templates.
  3. Easy Integration: – We can easily integrate our Mail-Chimp dashboard with our other platforms like WordPress, Shopify, etc. 

Disadvantages: –

  1. No advance features: – Mailchimp doesn’t provide the advanced features with their free plan like send-time optimization, advanced segmentation, etc. These advanced features will help you to grow fast and easily. But if you want to use their advanced features then you need to buy their premium plans which start from 12$ to 350$.
  2. Not Best support: – Their support system works with email, phone, or live chat. But if you are a free user or basic plan user, you will not get the best support from their team. You need to wait for their reply sometime up to half an hour. 

ConvertKit Email Marketing Software

Convert Kit email marketing service is the best medium for professional bloggers to communicate with their audience. Convertkit email marketing program provide many advanced features which they provide to their users like: –

  1. User friendly: – The dashboard of Convert Kit email software, is very user friendly. We can build a landing page or integrate our tool with other tolls with just some simple clicks. 
  2. Drip Campaigning: – We can easily send auto-responder emails with their drip email campaigning. This type of email drip campaign has a better email opening rate. It is the best email tool for small businesses as well as big business. 
  3. Powerful Features: – ConvertKit email service provides many other features that you can use to improve your email quality and turn into best email practices or to reduce your cost like A/B testing, Beautiful email templates, etc. 
  4. If Else Statement: The amazing part of ConvertKit email marketing is “If Else coding”. By which you do deep email marketing. You can design a single email with If Else statements and it will show different messages to different clients from a single email. 

Disadvantage: –

  1. No free account: – You can use their services with your free account but you need to sign up with your professional business email id. 

Constant Contact Email Marketing Software

Constant Contact email service is a tool that you can refer to as a ‘place for everything’. They offer many features for their users like: –

  1. Easy integrations: – why we are calling it a place for everything because we can integrate everything in one place like we can integrate our Shopify store with this tool or we can integrate our Facebook ads with them. 
  2. Free email template builder: – ConstantContact email service provides the user to include more than 100+ mobile-optimized email templates. Which will give you a better chance of more email opening rates. It helps clients to grow business through email marketing. 
  3. Better support system: – ConstantContact company offers a better support system through their live chat, phone, or email support. They try their best to solve every query that their users face during their tool use.

SendinBlue Email Marketing Software

SendinBlue email marketing program is a complete package for SMS and email marketing tool for businesses. It has the following features which help the business to use it easily: –

  1. Easy to use:– SendinBlue emailing tools is a Drag and Drop builder, it will help beginners to create beautiful and engaging emails with no prior experience in email marketing. 
  2. Best technology: – They use the latest and advanced technology to ensure that your email will directly land into the primary field of their inbox. 
  3. Pricing: – SendinBlue is considered the best-paid email service. Their pricing will start from $25 which is the lite plan. Their premium plan includes Facebook ads integration, live chat, etc, which will give the user more value. 

Drip Email Marketing Software

Drip Email Marketing Software is the best email marketing tool among the other email marketing platforms and CRM platforms for its users. Drip email service provides the following features which help digital marketers and e-commerce stores to do better email marketing: –

  1. Best integration: – You can easily integrate your WordPress site and WooCommerce with their dashboard. This will help you to add pop-ups or sign-in forms. 
  2. Better Automation: – Their automation tool that will help their user to target their right set of audience. We can easily test our pages and create list groups for better results.
  3. Support: – Drip mail service provide live chat support, free guides, detailed courses on their support system which will help the user to understand their features more easily. They do live webinars also for their users.

Aweber Email Marketing Software

Aweber Email Marketing Software is one of the oldest email marketing tools in the world. Aweber is a very useful email marketing tool for small businesses or low subscribers. Read Full Review on Aweber Email Marketing Service

They provide the following features for their users.

  1. Easy integration: – We can easily integrate our WordPress website with their dashboard which will help us to build sign up forms or pop-ups on our site.
  2. Support: – They provide live support which includes live chat and email support. They provide a lot of their free email marketing resources. They conduct live webinars and do a lot of tutorials for their users.
  3. Free plan and Pricing: – Aweber email service provider is known for best free email marketing services up-to 500 subscribers. For paid plans, Aweber email software pricing starts from $19 per month. If you want to save more then you can sign-up on to their yearly plans.

GetResponse Email Marketing Software

The GetResponse email provider is another name of automated lead generation tool. It is an amazing email marketing tool for small businesses to generate leads for their business. Read Full Review on GetReponse Email Marketing Service

It provides the following features for its users: –

  1. Automated campaign: – with the help of their drag and drop builder, you can easily create campaigns and send the emails to the desired audience.
  2. Integration: – This tool can easily integrate with third-party software like Optin monster, ZenDesk.
  3. Support and pricing: – They provide live support with live chat and email. They provide free learning material like videos, webinars, and guides, etc. Their pricing starts at $15 per month which is quite cheap as compared to others.
All-in-one software

MailerLite Email Marketing Software

MailerLite email site is one of the best tools for freelancers or some side hustlers. 

MailerLite can be the best free email marketing tools for start-ups. Mailer lite free plan with 12000 mails per month up to 1000 subscribers. They provide the following features: –

  1. Integration: – We can easily integrate Mailerlite. It is the best email marketing tool for Shopify, Woocommerce, WordPress, Stripe, etc., and other platforms. It can easily connect our accounts with this tool.
  2. Support and Pricing: -Mailer Light provides good support with 24/7 availability and 5 min average response time on live chat with a 97% of satisfaction rate. 
  3. Their pricing startsat$10 with 1000 subscribers but unlimited emails. 
  4. Build beautiful email campaigns: – we can easily build beautiful email campaigns to better engage with our audience. We will be able to transfer our message to them easily.

Hubspot Email Marketing Software

HubSpot mailing service is an awesome tool that will help its users to create and optimize their emails on their own without the need of an IT professional. 

Hubspot email marketing service provider features: –

  1. Add call to action: – Hub Spot email service provides this tool, which will help you to add a call to action with images and other things that will help to customize your content according to your choice.
  2. A/B testing tool: – HubSpot email marketing software provides an A/B testing tool that will help you to analyze the data in-depth and you see which email performs better and use that template, again.
  3. Pricing: – They offer a free plan which will help you to send emails up to 2000 emails per month. After that, you need to upgrade your account. 

MailJet Email Marketing Software

It is the most unique email marketing tool because of its features. It provides the features for the Marketing team like: –

  1. Real-time Collaboration: – With the help of MailJit we can easily manage different departments of a company on a single marketing campaign.
  2. Personalizing content: – It will provide the tool which will help you to make personalized content for your user. With their drag and drop builder, you can easily customize data for your subscribers.
  3. Pricing: – Their free plan includes 6000 mails per month. But you can only send 200 emails per day which is not a good deal for a team. 


You read the whole article. Now you have to choose which platform you want to go. You have to take care of certain things before choosing a platform: –

  1. Audience Size
  2. Budget
  3. Your business type

If you are a new blogger who wants to start everything from start, then we will recommend you to go with Aweber Email Marketing Tool. 

Connect with customers 24/7 with AWeber Free

IF you are someone who is doing e-commerce business then we will recommend you to go with drip because of its unique featuresIf you are a professional blogger or influencer then go with ConvertKit plans which will make everything personal for you.

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