AWeber Vs GetResponse Top 8 UnAvoidable Comparisons based on 1) FREE Trails, 2)Pricing, 3)AutoResponder, 4)A/B testing, 5)Integrations, 6) User Interface, 7) Customer Support, 8) Fonts testing by


Starting price$16.15/mo for 500 subscribers$15/mo
Free trial30-days free trial30-days free trial
Free planAvailable up to 500 subscribersNo
A/B TestingYou can only test email broadcasts.You can check the test form field, delivery time, the subject line, content, broadcasts, and automation workflows.
User InterferenceHas multiple features user friendlyIts landing page builder is mobile responsive
AutoresponderIts autoresponder has few features.GetResponse autoresponder provides a large number of triggers to create your automation workflows. Also, ready-made automation workflow templates available
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What is AWeber and GetResponse? and What AWeber and GetResponse do?

 Aweber and Getresponse are resources for:

  • Hosting your list of mailings
  • Creating stylish designs for emails
  • Sending out your subscribers’ e-newsletters.
  • They also allow you to automate your experiences via ‘autoresponders’ with subscribers.
  • Autoresponders are e-newsletters that, according to rules that you specify, are automatically distributed to your subscribers.

For eg, a subscriber could receive a basic autoresponder from your company directly after they sign up, inviting them to your mailing list; a week later they could receive a coupon voucher for any of your items, and three weeks later they could receive an incentive to follow you on social media.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

And so on, However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg: e-newsletter instruments such as these allow you to do a lot of other fascinating stuff that we’re addressing below.

Then the question arises What is E-mail Marketing?

How do you get in contact regularly with your clients, especially if you have hundreds of thousands of them?

You would like to do more than just send messages to clients as well. You may choose to advertise and market goods and services, know that most of them have emails opened or unique links clicked, and segment the contacts so that certain messages are delivered to certain users.

Also, you don’t want to do it all yourself-you want to completely automate the operation.

There would be no better way to do this than email marketing.

The primary reason for email marketing is that emails are used by almost half of the world’s population.

The number of email subscribers globally reached 3.9 billion in 2019, to be exact, and is predicted to exceed 4.3 billion by 2023. It’s a solid point.

And they’re not inert, these users. In 2019, they sent and received 294 billion emails a day, on average.

This widespread email success also allows it to produce a huge $42 return on investment (ROI). Using an exceptional email marketing platform is perhaps the greatest advantage.

So, which program for email marketing do you choose? It is not that easy to answer this simple-sounding question, mainly because there are various email marketing resources.

This article will help you to choose the best with the following differences

1) AWeber vs GetResponse Pricing

Pricing of Getresponse

Read Full Article on GetResponse Review

Four Getresponse proposals exist:

  • Basic, which starts at $15 a month and allows up to 1,000 users to send an infinite amount of emails
  • Plus, beginning with up to 1,000 subscribers at $49 a month
  • Professional, beginning with up to 1,000 subscribers at $99 per month
  • Max- negotiable
All-in-one software

AWeber Price

“AWeber pricing has two plans : “Aweber Open” and “Aweber Pro.

‘Aweber Free’ allows you to access the product fully free of charge, as the name suggests. However, there are strings attached: it’s only free for users of fewer than 500 subscriptions and Aweber advertising will feature any newsletters you send with it. But, aside from these drawbacks, it is a fairly helpful choice for new organizations who do not already have a list but want to

Start conducting campaigns for email marketing. You will get more about “Free Weber” here.

‘Aweber Pro’ unlocks all of the platform’s key features, and the price structure for it is as follows:

There is also a completely functioning free trial, which lasts for 30 days (this works with up to 1,000 subscribers.

Up to five hundred subscribers: $19 a month

501 to 2,500: 29 dollars a month

2.501 to 5,000: 49 dollars a month

5,001 to 10,000: 69 dollars a month

10,001 to 25,000: 149 dollars a month

You would need to get a quote from Aweber to set monthly costs if you have a list greater than 25,000 subscribers. Read Full Article on AWeber Review

Who’s looking to dominate on price?

The Getresponse ‘Simple’ plans are the ones to concentrate on when comparing Aweber vs Getresponse, since they are equivalent, feature-wise, to all the Aweber plans.

Getresponse is certainly the more cost-effective option at the outset of things: whether you have a list of 500 to 1,000 users on it, you are looking at a not-inconsiderable gain of $14 per month ($168 a year) when choosing the Getresponse ‘Text’ package instead of the alternative of Aweber.

Every Getresponse ‘Simple’ package is essential $4 a month cheaper than the comparable Aweber plan (an annual saving of $48) for lists of over 1,000 subscribers in number.

2) AWeber and Getresponse Online fonts 

The use of web fonts is widely embraced by popular email applications such as Outlook and Apple Mail, and some leading email marketing strategies are beginning to incorporate them in their email editors as a result.

This will help designers generate newsletters that complement the branding found on company websites more closely.

Aweber requires a limited range of Google fonts to be used, which earned it a victory over Getresponse in the typeface department until recently.

This is because Getresponse is used to prevent users of e-newsletters from using the normal web-safe fonts (Times New Roman, Arial, Trebuchet, etc.).

If you use Getresponse’s older email editor, this limitation still exists, but you’ll get a great range of web fonts to pick from on the latest BETA one, hundreds of Google fonts, even all the crazy ones (the selection of Google fonts in Aweber is limited to a few very bland ones).

So it’s a very major victory in the font section for Getresponse.

3) Autoresponders

Autoresponders are emails that are automatically delivered to your subscribers at intervals that you specify, as mentioned briefly above. For example, you might build an autoresponder package such that…

Make your emails interactive with AWeber and AMP for Email

They get a welcoming message 10 minutes after anyone signs up for your list,

They get a discount code precisely one week later,

Three weeks later, an email indicating a specific product was sent to them…

…and so forth.

A ‘drip’ strategy is sometimes referred to as this form of email marketing.

Both Aweber and Getresponse have strong simple autoresponder features, enabling you to send unique e-newsletters automatically based on periods (as in the above example) or activate them based on user behavior color or results, i.e.

Joining a specific list

Having a purchase

Getting an event.

The autoresponder capability of Getresponse is, however, considerably greater. The list of activities that you can use to cause e-newsletter sending is more extensive, and these action-based prompts are easier to set up in the first place.

Automation templates

As such, the autoresponder feature of Getresponse now goes way beyond conventional ‘drip’ type promotions and is part of the ‘marketing auto’ marketing

4) Integration into other software’s

For other platforms and applications, both Aweber and Getresponse offer a decent set of integrations. There are very well-known platforms such as Amazon, Paypal, Salesforce, Facebook, and Twitter that are interconnected.

Aweber provides some hundred of Getresponse’s 100 or so integrations, making it the most versatile tool for third-party software integration.

It should be noted that some of the integrations for both products include setting up a link between your accounts using a third-party sync tool such as Zapier or Pie Sync, particularly those for less well-known services. This is not, unfortunately, difficult, but it does take a little trial and mistake to sort

5) Interface with the Consumer

The user interface plays an important role in influencing the general understanding of the product by individuals. It is the face of every bundle of apps, which is why it needs to look nice and perform effectively.

Let’s explore the AWeber and GetResponse interfaces offered.

UI of GetResponse

An intuitive and uncluttered interface is given by GetResponse, which is very simple to use and also customizable.

You can quickly import contacts, develop email campaigns, set up autoresponders, and access reports and statistics with GetResponse. In short, even though you are a novice, you can do all the fundamentals of email marketing very quickly.

You can install, delete and relocate widgets according to your preferences.

The best feature of GetResponse’s UI, though, is its Fast Actions widget, which allows you to install five tabs from different options so that right from the dashboard you can control them.

You can add fast activities such as Add Contacts, Newsletter Creation, Form Creation, Landing Page Creation, Webinar Creation, Workflow Creation, etc.

AWeber UI

By contrast, the UI of AWeber is not as detailed as GetResponse’s, but it’s clean and easy. Thanks in part to the color theme that uses blue and green, AWeber’s UI is more futuristic in outlook.

You can view simple stats about your connections and the latest broadcasts on the homepage (which include newsletters, event announcements, and updates about new promotions).

Other options (Messages, Members, Sign Up Forms, Reports, and List Options) can be reached from the various tabs in the bar below the header.

Features like integrations and your account are shown in the header. To learn more about the app, another tool is Support, where you can access webinars, infographics, knowledge base, and other sources.

List Building Program

6) A/B Testing

The way to judge your target group and understand them better is by A/B research.

You can send up to three variants of your newsletter via Aweber. Material, call-to-action, and sending time may be checked.

Checking for A/B split

Also, for each email variance, you will select the distribution of your audience.

That means you should send them to a few recipients if you are trying out a new initiative instead of launching it 50/50 with your recipients.

On your homepage, all the basic stats are displayed.

Again, since you can only test email broadcasts, Aweber’s split research functions are bare-bones.

Split Checking of GetResponse

GetResponse helps you to test five variants at once and adjust the area of a shape, distribution time, subject line, and text of the form. And it’s for all broadcasts and workflows for automation.

Pricing: Save 18% with an annual plan

7) Assurance To customers

Before settling on what email marketing product to buy, customer care is another important factor to remember.

Let’s take a look at what kind of support AWeber and GetResponse are providing.

GetResponse provides its users with round-the-clock email and chats support. Besides, if you’re more of a DIY individual, the website offers several helpful videos, podcasts, blogs, infographics, and guides.

There’s no phone support on the other side, except for higher-paying customers. Only with the Business kit, which begins at $1,199 and is not for all, should dedicated assistance arrive.

In contrast, for all its plans, AWeber provides email, live chat, and phone service.

From Monday to Friday, you can contact the firm for assistance during business hours. There is, however, 24/7 support for email and live chat. AWeber also offers an information base, webinars, and video tutorials to help you understand the tech fundamentals.

We may also take a look at the ratings provided in the customer service segment by current consumers of both marketing platforms.

AWeber has an impressive rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 on the consumer rating website Capterra, while GetResponse has a rating of 4.1 stars.

8) Free Trials

Aweber and Getresponse all have opportunities to test their goods for free.

With Aweber, you can forever use a free version of the product, “Aweber Free,” as long as there are 500 or fewer contacts on your mailing list.

GetRepsonse helps you to test the app for 30 days with a completely working version, as long as the list includes less than 1,000 contacts.

All-in-one software

Here are the connections for each free trial. As for these contrasts, I always suggest testing out all items to ensure that each platform has a full, personal experience.

Conclusion on AWeber and GetResponse Review

GetResponse and AWeber are both outstanding communications software that takes care of everything you are doing, including generating newsletters, engaging with your clients, turning consumers into opportunities, reviewing your promotions, and much more.

We found, however, that if you take a look at the six categories, AWeber is marginally better than GetResponse. Thanks to its better deliverability rates, fantastic cost structure, and outstanding customer service, it comes out on top in three categories.

However, there is not anything behind GetResponse. It has a slightly better range of characteristics than its counterpart and is more user-friendly. In reality, GetResponse is a choice, if you are willing to spend a few extra bucks.