I have researched online about Rahul Mannan Course review and found the top 15 reasons to buy the Rahul Mannan affiliate secrets 2.0 with the topmost 17 Questions asked by people.

Lets go into deep affiliate secrets 2.0 review including all questions and answers-

Q. 1 Who is Rahul Mannan? What is Rahul Mannan Success Story?

  • Rahul Mannan is a 21 years old boy from Delhi but he’s a millionaire at the age of 21. He is a successful Affiliate Marketer in India in a very short period. 
  • Rahul Mannan has Earned 15 lacs in the last one month.
  • He has Earned more than 30 lacs in the last 6 months.
  • He became an Affiliate Marketing tycoon in India and recommended by many affiliate marketers in India and abroad. 
  • Rahul Mannan is the founder of Rahul Mannan Marketing LLC, USA and R. Mannan P. Ltd., India.
  • Rahul Mannan owning multiple drop-shipping online stores and Affiliate Networks. 
  • He started his career from online T-shirts designing-> Fiverr gig expert -> Offline food stall -> Dropshipper -> Affiliate Marketer.
  • He decided to tell his success in detail and made the best affiliate marketing course in India from scratch to a professional level. Initially, he made Affiliate Secrets course, which is updated now in Affiliate Secrets 2.0. This course is helping thousands of people to Make Money Online.

Q. 2 What is Rahul Mannan’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0 or Rahul Mannan Affiliate Marketing Course?

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is the best Affiliate Marketing course in India for all who are willing to Learn Affiliate Marketing step-by-step online. This course makes you an expert in Affiliate Marketing from scratch. If you are a newbie or beginner and want to make money online with the help of affiliate marketing, Affiliate Secret2.0 will teach you a step-by-step path to promote other products and earn huge money online in terms of commissions. 

Q. 3 Who can buy rahul mannan affiliate marketing course?

Rahul Mannan’s Affiliate Marketing Course is designed for all  

  1. Students- If you are a student and want to earn money online then you can join this course as a study purpose and start earning along with your studies.
  2. Working Professional- If you are working or doing a job and want to earn extra income then you can purchase affiliate secrets course and learn how to earn extra income online along with your job.
  3. Self Employed- If you are self-employed and searching for more ways to grow your business, This course will help you to grow your existing business and you can make a huge income from this course also. 
  4. Housewife- A housewife lady can also buy affiliate marketing course by rahull Mannan and learn everything about affiliate marketing and start earning online in easy ways.
  5. Retired people– Retired persons can learn from AffiliateSecret 2.o and start earning online to use their free time and earn in dollars. 

Q. 4 What is Rahul Mannan’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0 course fees? 

Affiliate Secrets 2.o course fees is more than 18k rupees but right now Huge discount is going on and you can purchase it in ₹ 1997/- only. If you want to make this course FREE then read Q.  no 8.

Q. 5 What is Rahul Mannan’s $100 a day challenge? 

Rahul Mannan’s 100 dollars a day challenge is the best way to earn $100 daily from affiliate marketing. He has decided to show live by doing it practically online, how to make $100 a day, and achieved it successfully. In the benefits of affiliate marketing course, you will get complete recordings of all videos in which he has completed successfully the 100$ a day challenge. see the screenshot of the $100 a day challenge by rahul mannan achieved in 12 days only.

$ 100 a day challenge by rahul mannan

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Q. 6 How much I can Earn from Rahul Mannan course?

It’s a tricky question.  because everyone has different strategies for affiliate marketing online. But many affiliate marketing companies in India claiming the top individuals are earning approx 1 lac/day. 

In the course videos, you will see the achievements of many people who enrolled in the course started making in Lacs very soon. 

Here I am showing some of Rahul Mannan’s course earnings to prove that people are earning huge money. You can also earn as much as you want depending on your hard work and the time you invest in learning. 

When you join the rahul mannan affiliate program you will be added to the groups where you will see the earning of your fellows’ affiliate marketers. 

rahul mannan course earnings
Earning proof 4
rahul mannan course earning
Earning proof 3
rahul mannan course earning
Earning proof 2
rahul mannan course earning
Earning proof 1

Q. 7 Why should I buy & learn from Rahul mannan Affiliate marketing course?

Many people ask me why I should join an affiliate marketing course. I use to tell the benefits of affiliate marketing course with my story. I have joined the affiliate secrets program and learned a lot from it. It has kick-started my affiliate marketing journey. Before it, I did not even know what affiliate marketing is but now I have started earning handsome money within 2 months from affiliate marketing. 

Here are top 15 reasons you should I buy and learn from Rahul Mannan Affiliate marketing course

  1. Fast Learning- As soon as you join the course you will get the login id and password and you can start learning from it. You can go through the entire course in 2-3 days and start working on it. He has explained everything practically doing it which will help you to start your affiliate marketing journey immediately. 
  2. Very Low Price- I have gone through many affiliate marketing course reviews. In my research of many affiliate marketing courses online and people are charging huge for the pieces of training but Rahul Mannan is giving this course in ₹ 1997/ only which is in comparison to other top affiliate marketing courses, is nothing I can say. 
  3. Basic to Professional-there are many courses available online but a few are starts from scratch. In rahulmannan affiliate marketing course, you will start from Zero where you are just a newbie (beginner) and this course will bring you to the Professional level.
  4. Anyone can learn affiliate marketing- This course is designed in such a way for students, job people, housewives, retired persons, and any other can learn without any prior skill and start an affiliate marketing career. 
  5. FREE one-to-one call for 1 hour- Rahul Mannan is allowing you to talk to him for 1 hour without any charges which are priceless. In this telephonic conversation, you can ask him anything related to affiliate marketing or any other issues.
  6. Private Facebook Group- You will be allowed to join a private Facebook group of rahul mannan where more than 20000+ people are there who have already bought this course and sharing their problems and success stories. You can also ask any Q. s in the group and fellow people will give you the solution. Instagram Updates – You will be asked to follow rahul manan on Instagram where he updates daily about new things for your success. 
  7. Niche selection- Niche is the area of your interest and passion in which you should work so that you will never get bored of doing work. This course will help you to find your niche and how to do affiliate marketing in your niche.
  1. Learn Google ads- This course will teach you google ads and how to use google ads for your affiliate marketing promotions. I must tell you google ads is a separate course where people are charging thousands of dollars for google ads, Facebook ads, email marketing, landing page creation, etc. But we are lucky to have all included in this course and practically doing it.
  2. Learn Facebook ads– FaceBook ads techniques are very much effective for fast success. You will learn how to do Facebook ads and other problem solutions of FB ads. 
  3. Learn Clickfunnels- Clickfunnels is a software that helps affiliate marketers to manage all things in one place. Rahul is an expert on click funnels and will explain to you how to use click funnels for business.
  4. Learn Email marketing – Email marketing is the best way to maintain clients on regular basis without much effort. You will learn how to do email marketing and automation for your success in affiliate marketing.
  5.  How to Create Landing Pages– Landing pages are the core of affiliate marketing where a customer lands very first. You will be trained to create landing pages to generate more money from affiliate marketing.
  6. FREE and Paid Methods- You will learn both free and paid methods to promote your affiliate products. Both are effective but have different aspects. You can decide which is good for you. A clear explanation you will see in the affiliate secrets 2.0 program.
  7. Quick support- After joining the course you can find the dashboard. You can click on support in the dashboard and connect to WhatsApp chat support. You can also save WhatsApp chat support no +91 76830 54578. The support team is very quick to reply to your queries within 1 hour of working hours.
  8. Money-Back Guarantee– You buy the course and feel it’s not good for you then you can ask for your money back and he will return your money without any further questions. 30 days money-back guarantee is available in this course. I request you to read the terms for this policy to better understand. 

Q. 8 How to BUY Affiliate Secrets 2.0 for FREE?

Is it possible to buy Rahul Mannan Course or Affiliate secrets 2.0 download For Free? Well, it’s possible in other ways. I made it free within 7 days. Let me tell you how- You buy the course in ₹1997/ and start learning affiliate marketing, along with that talk to you your 3-5 people and recommend this course. On every referral, you will 50% commission. You will get complete money from 2 referrals only which equals FREE. That’s how I made it free within 7 days. You can also make it free. 

Q. 9 What are the cons of the Rahul Mannan Affiliate Marketing Course?

Every course has pros and cons. What are the rahul mannan’s affiliate secrets 2.0 pros and cons? Affiliate secrets pros and cons are more pros and very less cons.

I have gone through many affiliate marketing courses. Usually I find many cons in the course but in Rahul Mannan Affiliate Marketing course I found few cons only-

  1. Low Price- The value provided by rahul mannan in the affiliate secrets 2.0 is huge in comparison to the price. I feel a low price also leads to low dedicated work. I suggest you assume that you have purchased this course in 15k or more to learn passionately if you are price conscious. 
  2. Long waiting for 1-hour consultation- I see long waiting for Free 1 hour call in the calendar. But still, it’s worth getting it because at this price you are getting huge value and kick start of your affiliate marketing journey. 
  3. Not for Experts: The course is designed for beginners or intermediate level experts only who are struggling in affiliate marketing. This course might be upgraded for experts soon but until now it is for newbie and intermediate level people only.

You can CLICK HERE to join the course and if you have any queries before joining you can chat on +91-6350092753 (WhatsApp only) and we will help you in buying the course. 

If you buy from our link we will help you throughout the affiliate marketing journey and after joining please send the enrolling receipt to +91-6350092753 and you will get Affiliate Marketing Success Tips pdf Absolutely FREE. 

Quick FAQ-

Q. 11 Videos are Live or Recorded?

Videos are recorded and you will get all videos after enrolling in the course.

Q.  12 What is the total time duration of videos?

The total time duration is approximately 40+ hours and more than 90 videos are in the complete course. Rahul mannan sir also adds video continuously every 2-3 days.

Q.  13 The language of the course is HINDI or ENGLISH? 

The complete course is in Hindi only; sometimes he uses English words.

Q.  14 I have only a Mobile phone. Do I need a Laptop for this course?

It is not necessary to buy a laptop for this course. You can learn from Mobile also. But we recommend you a laptop to learn fast and easy in doing affiliate marketing. 

Q.  15 Support is for a lifetime or limited time?

You will be added to the Private Groups where you will get entire support for a lifetime. Support will be on WhatsApp chat available too. 

Q.  16 Videos are downloadable or not?

You can watch videos in your dashboard after logging into your account and all the videos will be there. You can watch anytime and as many times as you want but you are not allowed to download the videos.

Q.  17 Can I get the support number here?

You can contact through WhatsApp chat on +91 7683054578 or email to The team will reply to your queries if any. 

You can contact us for joining the course on +91-6350092753 (WhatsApp only), we will help you in Joining the course immediately. 


I have tried to write the best affiliate secrets 2.0 review here. While this rahul mannan affiliate marketing course review, I am sharing my own practical experience. If you have more information about affiliate secrets course review, I request you to write to me in the comment below. I will update the article with your suggestions/information. 

Do I recommend Rahul Mannan Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Course?

YES! Big yes from me and other 20000+ fellows who already started earning. 

Guys CLICK Here to Buy With Discount and start earning now, what are waiting for. 

Wish you very Happy Earnings…

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