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Hostpapa honest review and rating
HostPapa is an independent hosting provider that offers a decent amount of options with a handful of appealing features in its quite affordable hosting plans. Together with first-rate self-help support, this might sound like a perfect solution for small businesses, but its limits may drive others away.

Speed, stability, and Safe browsing are required for quality hosting.

By delivering an outstanding customer support staff, various tools to complete the entire hosting work, and the protection and uptime promise you need, HostPapa does everything right.

For any sized enterprise, HostPapa has a strong range of shared, WordPress, reseller, and VPS hosting plans. That is why we would like to take a deeper dive into the system of HostPapa. You can discover what the business has to sell, how it keeps the price of its plan down, and how to use its dashboard. Let’s get there.

The business provides hosting services to organizations globally, but it is founded in Canada. Due to the extreme HostPapa servers, there are actually about 200,000 websites functioning.

HostPapa launched in 2002, but at the time it offered few options. Until 2005, HostPapa did not enter into the shared hosting space, making it more popular with solid uptime and speed as a low-cost provider.

Eventually, HostPapa partnered with the free Cloudflare CDN program, providing its customers an even easier way for consumers to increase site speeds.

Since its establishment, HostPapa has won a variety of honors, including Uptime Awards from NCM Online and WHTop. Moreover, they have featured three times, the last time being in 2015, on the Benefit 500 listing of Canada’s fastest-growing companies list. In the same year, they announced a collaboration with Dropmysite, a multinational cloud software company located in Singapore that offers websites and database backups.

Ease to use Of HostPapa review

HostPapa does not provide month-to-month billing, and to try out its interface, the company refused to supply everyone with a trial account. 

  • You start by choosing your schedule and time commitment for the Starter Plan, which makes clear the amount you will incur. Below it, though, are two high-cost add-ons, both priced at $20 a year, branded as “website essentials”. The first is the SiteLock Security Seal, which is yet another way to indicate that your site has SiteLock safety plus a cool icon. Automated backup is the second.
  • Both are optional, but as there are no checkmarks, HostPapa does not make this clear. Instead, it uses checkmark icons which, when you hover over them with your mouse, turn red to cancel “X” icons. On the right-hand page, there’s even a sidebar that displays the complete order where you can cancel these add-ons as well.
  • First, you get to the sign-up part of the domain name where you can pay for domain protection, which protects WHOIS domain databases from your personal information.
  • You have to include our personal and payment details after that. Overall, it’s a pretty simple operation, but how you cancel the original high-priced add-ons might be a little more apparent.

Why Choose HostPapa?

Hostpapa honest review
HostPapa is an independent hosting provider that offers a decent amount of options with a handful of appealing features in its quite affordable hosting plans. Together with first-rate self-help support, this might sound like a perfect solution for small businesses, but its limits may drive others away.
Perfect Uptime for a websiteThe company is pleased to say that the uptime for HostPapa has been strong since day one. With just an hour of downtime, they posted a 12-month average of 99.99 percent uptime. Although it sounds trite and simple, you will be shocked by how many web hosts are battling to keep the damn thing alive with the most basic aspect of actually running a website!  
Strong speed for Loading Page  The uptime of HostPapa was excellent and the loading speed of their website is also good. They had an average page load time of 565 ms over the last 12 months, which is fast enough to have a spot in our technology segment.  
Extensive Resources for Support  To aid users in several ways, HostPapa provides broad service options. You will search their massive self-help video library. By phone, mail, email, ticketing, live chat, and even fax (!), they provide 24/7 help.  
Support options for Hostpapa  As if that’s not enough, they also have an insightful help function that helps you to communicate with ‘Papa Squad Experts’ in a one-on-one session, which is simply supervised walkthroughs via videos or telephone meetings. People have also been checking their live chat and got a response from their staff members in less than a minute. Within a modest two minutes, answers to questions were given.   In 18 nations, they have phone service (which may be the most we’ve seen from any company). They are one of the few hosts to assist in numerous languages, including English, French, German, and Spanish. Besides, HostPapa includes video guides, network status updates, and options for writing an e-mail, uploading a support ticket, opening a live chat, or contacting the support team by phone. There is 24/7 access to both chat and mobile support facilities. In addition to the above, there are cost-free weekly webinars and one-to-one training courses of 30 minutes that merit praise. At the moment, HostPapa does not have an official forum, but it’s not a major problem considering the amount of service they provide their users with.  
Features of Proactive Protection  Shared hosting plans for HostPapa review come with allowed antispam security with Panda Cloud, as well as a server firewall, monitoring, and detection of intrusion. More than 37,000 websites get hacked every day, so the proactive security measures of HostPapa are promising. Additional services, including domain privacy security, a free SSL license, a dedicated IP address, and automatic website backups, are also included with their Business Pro package. Security specifics like spam security are the last thing you need to think about. It’s good to have your back looked at by someone else.  
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee & free migration of your website  For most of their hosting plans, HostPapa provides an industry-standard 30-day money-back guarantee. They would also happily help you move an existing website from another server to another host (while also throwing in a free domain name too). For the Starter Price, decent value HostPapa’s base price for the first three years starts at $2.95.  

Pricing of HostPapa review

HostPapa says its mission is to offer a completely featured hosting service to every customer at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing efficiency. With the help of top-notch customer support and driven by clean green electricity, all of the above should come together. We were expecting budget-friendly pricing with this in mind and that’s more or less what we found.

  • While all customers are entitled at any time to cancel HostPapa’s services, there is a risk-free money-back guarantee for 30 days. It only refers to joint and reseller web hosting plans, though, which seems a bit diminishing.
  • The good news is that, for this initial amount, they throw in a lot of value. You get two websites, contrary to the one provided by most other hosts. Free domain registration, 100GB of SSD capacity, and unmetered bandwidth are also offered.
  • But it isn’t like that. You can also get their “Essential Features” including free website conversion, Cloudflare CDN, SSL license, and access to their website builder and 400+ applications.

Overall, that’s pretty good value, then. Many hosts will make you pay for these items, quickly driving up the monthly price way past this original range of $2.95/month.

Check Price on HostPapa

Starter Plan
Business PlanBusiness Pro Plan
Renews at $9.99/mo
Renews at $14.99/mo
Renews at $23.99/mo
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Other Features• Unlimited MYSQL Databases
• 2x More CPU and MYSQL Resources
• 4x More CPU and MYSQL Resources
• Domain Privacy
• Automated Website Backup
• Premium Wildcard SSL and SiteLock Detect

Some things come normally for all plans, regardless of what hosting choice you choose:

Unlimited allocation of services so that you can use as much disk space and bandwidth as you would like without thinking about exceeding usage limits (of course, according to the terms of service of HostPapa).

Hostpapa honest review
HostPapa is an independent hosting provider that offers a decent amount of options with a handful of appealing features in its quite affordable hosting plans. Together with first-rate self-help support, this might sound like a perfect solution for small businesses, but its limits may drive others away.
  • A website designer with an app for drag-and-drop editing.
  • A user-friendly control panel for controlling your account, reviewing your resource use, downloading FTP files, setting up domain names, adding email addresses, etc.
  • Over 400 free applications for items like shopping carts, a blog, and more to expand the website.
  • Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate – SSL certificates are a critical component to protecting your website, as well as ensuring that your site ranks as high as possible in the rankings of search engine results.
  • Support via phone, snail mail, email, and fax is available 24/7. Besides, you will have access to an extensive knowledge base in English, French, Spanish, and German, plus a wide variety of video tutorials.
  • HostPapa offers WordPress plans that are similar to shared hosting plans but are pre-installed with WordPress and run on configured servers for WordPress.

Consequences of using HostPapa review

The places where HostPapa is lagging behind, Cons of Hostpapa web hosting-

Data Center Coverage is Limited

We like HostPapa’s data centers very well. They are very fast and reliable!

It’s just that we believe that more data centers in more important areas will do better for them. For site load speed, after all, nothing is better than simply getting the servers next to the crowd.

No Automatic Free Backup

For me, this came close to being a dealbreaker. For those operating online organizations, automated backups are important. One can still return to a backup file from a day or two ago if anything goes wrong with the web.

Sadly, HostPapa provides this feature only on their top-tier plans. Business plan subscribers and below will have to back up their files manually, which we find to be a bit unfair because this program is provided for free by many other services.

You should pay for this option as an add-on if you want to…but we’d be sore about it.

The pricing feature is a bit misleading

Can you remember what we said about charging HostPapa for automated backups? Well, you can immediately opt for facilities such as these upon checkout, which will cost you a lot more than anticipated.

You’ll have to spend an extra $19.95 a year for their Power Website Encryption if you don’t opt-out of it, plus $19.95 more for automated backups.

The competitors of Hostpapa

HostNoc is a fellow Canadian web host company that delivers a wide variety of well-rounded and adaptive hosting options to multinational customers and at budget-friendly costs, much like HostPapa. HostPapa applies free domain registration to all its plans, while HostNoc launches free regular backups and continuous security monitoring. The choice may be a matter of personal taste, as both rivals appear to be accessible, trustworthy, and efficient.  
Bluehost is another important competitor to HostPapa and one of the most common choices for global hosting. Bluehost does not, however, include reseller hosting as an alternative, although HostPapa does, so the choice is simple if that’s what you’re looking for.  
Doteasy is another provider based in Canada which aims to provide the international clientele with quality but affordable hosting solutions. Doteasy offers subscription billing for cooperative hosting plans, in comparison to HostPapa. Sadly, they are very pricey and exclude a money-back guarantee.  
Hostpapa customer feedback
HostPapa is an independent hosting provider that offers a decent amount of options with a handful of appealing features in its quite affordable hosting plans. Together with first-rate self-help support, this might sound like a perfect solution for small businesses, but its limits may drive others away.


Conclusion :

  • User ratings

The biggest benefit of having HostPapa review as your host is that a decent price is worth it. It provides a reasonable variety of hosting options, a few enticing features, an excellent self-help collection, and pocket-friendly pricing (such as a starter package supporting two websites). You can’t go wrong with vendors like Bluehost and Hostinger as alternatives if you are looking for a similarly inexpensive host that won’t cause you to compromise on hosting services or functionality.

Their assistance is so wonderful to add to the pile of encouragement. Experienced and easy to answer, via live chat, tickets, and mobile.

Obviously, in competition, you can find better choices. But if you’re looking for an inexpensive and stable solution, HostPapa will help you find yourself in good hands.

Check Price on HostPapa


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