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Congratulations! You have made up your mind to start a blog. 

Let me give another reason to start a blog today

  • Indian Ecommerce is expected to grow $200 Billion by 2026
  • total internet users are expected to grow 829 Million in India
  • The Internet economy is $250 million in 2020 and growing daily

Hi there, my name is Mentor Subhash. I have started blogging long back and love every moment of Blogging.

I researched a lot for helpful information online. I was not able to find all pieces of information on a single website so I have created this free step-by-step blog tutorial to tell you as a beginner how to make a blog quickly and easily. It’s very simple and not complicated as many people think!

This guide takes 10-15 minutes to read (2000 words). Yes, it might take a little time but it will tell you from scratch to best blog live. I share everything new bloggers should know to start a blog in 2021. You can take your time and do it at your own place!

Before we start, there are many myths about blogging

  • It’s difficult to start
  • You should have coding knowledge
  • You must have good writing skills
  • You must know about SEO
  • You must know how to do Paid Ads

These are blogging myths only which cannot stop anyone from blogging.

Finally! Do you want to learn how to start a blog? Let’s Start a Blog in 11 easy steps or I wud say start blogging from scratch to money-making…

How to start a blog for free

First we have to understand the biggest difference between FREE Blog Vs Self Hosted Blog (Paid Blog)

We all know very well that the “free” word has always limitations. First, your blog name will be set as a subdomain (examples: or

Second, you’ll be following their rules and restrictions. If you are only making a blog for testing purposes then it’s fine. But, if you’re serious about the blog and make money out of it, you’ll have to start paying for required all services including a custom domain name.

There are many platforms where you can start blogging for free like,,, etc. but I strongly recommend you not to go for free blogging because these practices will not give long-term benefits and your personal brand value. 

On other side Self-hosted blog solutions

There are many choices when it comes to a self-hosted blog. 

The most popular is the free and open-source system

A self-hosted blog will cost you little or few dollars monthly/annually and You’re fully in charge of your blog and its content. Money making blogs are self-hosted blog where you can your own products/services or many other affiliate programs which make a lot of money from your blog.

You will be charged for a domain name and web hosting and actual blogging software is again free in the self-hosted blog.

How to pick a Niche for blogging

Choosing a Niche is a topic for your blog. You can choose any topic for blogging but I recommend you to choose anyone below-

  1. Passion- If you are passionate about any field then you must start blogging in that field only.
  2. Skill- If you have any skill which you are practically doing for a long time then you should write about your skill.
  3. Knowledge- If you have good knowledge in any field then start writing a blog about your knowledge.
  4. Fear- We are human beings and many fears occur in our lives. If you are one of them then start blogging about your experiences, about your fear overcome tactics.

How to choose a domain name

The domain name is your web address which people type in the web browser and the internet will display your blog or blog site.

You should be careful choosing the domain name like-

  1. It should be .com not .in or any else.
  2. Recommended only two words in the domain names, not more than that. like,, (go to and find a good domain for your blog)
  3. Your domain name must be easy to spell.
  4. It should look like a brand

There are many domain purchasing websites but I recommend you to buy a domain from which is the best and cheapest domain name provider in the world.

Popular Domains for just 99 Cents at Namecheap!

How to buy web hosting

Web hosting is your online storage place where you will put your images, videos, audio or text

Web hosting is also known as web space, internet hosting, server hosting, hosting, etc.

There are many free web hosting providers available in the market but the quality and speed of free web hosting are not recommended to you.

You should purchase web hosting to create a blog.

I am doing blogging for a long time and have experienced many web hostings. Being an expert in blogging I recommend you to buy from

Hostinger web hosting

Hostinger is a trustworthy and reliable service that is also known for the best loading time and low costs.

Hostinger is newer in comparison to other web hosting providing companies. Since they began, though, Hostinger has made a name for itself for its low-cost web hosting.

Install WordPress

There are many platforms available in the market for blogging but WordPress is the best platform for blogging because

  • Around 38% of total websites are hosted on the WordPress
  • More than 49000 theme designs are available for free
  • No codding required for designing the blog site
  • WordPress is SEO friendly
  • Its high performing platform
  • More than 57000 Plugins are available for free
  • Mobile friendly 

and many more

WordPress installation is very easy in hostinger hpanel.

Login to you hpanel and search for auto-installer


choose the latest version of WordPress.

Save WordPress login id and password on your computer before and click on install.

It will take a few seconds depending on your internet speed and will be installed automatically.

Login to your WordPress blog-

You have successfully installed WordPress till now.

Now you have to log in to your WordPress site ( for login type )

You have already saved your id and password for WordPress login which you can insert and login now.

-> Go to settings and change the permalink to Post Name and save it.

-> Trash the unwanted Pages and Posts

-> goto general settings-> change site Title and Tagline

-> Create Author Profile 

-> Create Categories related to your niche

-> Add the Logo, Menu & Sub Menu

How to Add necessary pages to your blog

Goto pages in WordPress dashboard and pages.

Create some necessary pages-

  1. About us
  2. Contact us
  3. Privacy policy
  4. Disclaimer
  5. Terms and conditions

How to Choose THEME for your blog

The theme is the design of your blog or website.

The beauty of WordPress is there are more than 7000 themes are freely available.

You can choose the theme according to your niche and build your blog.

I am using Affiliate Booster Theme which is a paid theme but undoubtedly the best theme for blogging. 

Affiliate Booster is specially designed for Bloggers & Affiliate Marketer.

Its schema optimized and mobile-friendly 

Loading speed is the best which google loves a lot.

Easy and customizable designs available for new bloggers

Affiliate Booster

How to Add Plugins

PlugIns are nothing but small programs that make your blog site easily usable without coding.

There more them 57000 plugins available for free in WordPress.

Go to Plugins in the WordPress dashboard and click on add new and search the required plugin.

As a blogger, you should use a few of my recommended plugins.

  1. Wordfence- for hacking security
  2. PretyLinks- to customize the URL
  3. RankMath- for SEO 
  4. Easy Table of Content- Customize your content
  5. Grow Social by Mediavine- Easy sharing on social media
  6. LiteSpeed Cache- Speedly delete the caches
  7. Ninja Forms- To create the forms

Wooohooo Your blog site is ready to take off now.

How to Write the blog article

Now go to post in the WordPress dashboard and add a new post and start writing the blog of your choice.

There are many creative options to make your article beautiful and eye-catching to readers

Like you can insert images, buttons, videos, texts, audios, and many more creative Gutenberg options.

you can also see the blog articles or blog posts from my blog site

How to Monetizing Your Blog

Here is good news for you. If you looking for money-making blog/ how to make money from blog then there are 5 major ways to monetize your blog-

  1. Google Adsense: You can post some unique blogs to your blog site and apply for google AdSense. Google will show ads to your blog and pay you for that.
  2. Sponsored Posts: People are searching for the audience and if your blog is attracting traffic then many companies and individuals will be contacting you for their posts to your blog and they will pay you for that.
  3. Banner Ads: People will display their ads to your blog and will pay for that. You can also contact to online banner ads providing website.
  4. Affiliate Marketing: Many platforms in the market provides online products and will give you commissions on actions. You can visit,,,,, are a few. You can register to these sites online and get a product affiliate link to promote. Choose products related to your niche only which will be liked by the audience.
  5. Own Products&services: You can develop your product or services offer to your audience which will make your blog money-making. Over a while, you will be skilled enough to teach your audience how to make money from blogging or any other niche related to your blog. And your trusted follower be your customers. 

How to Promote a Blog 

You have created a blog site and blog posts but if the traffic is coming to your blog then all go in the wrong direction.

You have to promote your blog now and attract visitors/traffic so that you can make money from your blog.

I have used some tactics to promote my blog which I will share with you now. I have grown my blog from zero to a million in 8 months so these can work for you also.

  1. Social media: Promote your blog on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. You can join related groups on Facebook or other platforms and share your blogs there so that you can attract more visitors from social media.
  2. Questions & Answers: Google some questions and answers about websites where people ask questions. You can also promote your blog there in many ways. is a well-known platform for q&a. 
  3. Forums: You may search for forums online related to your niche to promote your blog. for that goto google and search yourniche + forum then you will get many forums there.
  4. Guest Blogging: You can invite other bloggers to share your blog on their platforms or vice-versa. With this practice, you will get more visitors to your blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blog?

For a newbie, it’s the big question what is a blog? In simple words, it’s your passion for the internet, eg. You are an expert in any field and want to share your experience on the internet, is a blog. You can share it in text format, audio, video pictures, etc.

You can design it with your desired colors and sizes.

You can teach people how to do things or share your views.

Can I make money from a blog? Or How much money can you make from a blog?

You can make as much money as you want to from your blog but it depends on many aspects like web traffic, promotional products on your blog, gust post cost, and many things which we have discussed above in Monetize your blog section. 

According to Glassdoor, bloggers in the United States on average earn $30,000 per year. Some earn a lot less, while there are influencers who have millions of people following them and can earn more than $100,000 per year. Some even say blogging for money gets them more than a million dollars per year.

 How can I find a profitable niche?

You can see once again how to find a niche section where I have explained everything. You can get a niche as per your passion, skill, knowledge, and fear-based.

What to do if your domain name is not available?

If your desired domain name is not available then you can go for similar domain names. Go to and find many domain names related to your keyword.


Congratulation! You have successfully become a blogger now, learned how to start a blog. You have taken your domain name, web hosting space, and your blog is completely set up. 

Next, you need to spend more time with the WordPress dashboard, do desired changes, start creating content, and promote your blog to become a successful blogger. 

Now only actions required to be the no.1. Follow the steps and practice as much as you can. Your blog will be the no.1 soon

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment box.

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