WPX hosting review: Top 9 features- Speed Loading, Managed Emails, Cloud CDN, DDoS Security, 99.95% Uptime, FREE website migration, Instant Chat support, Easy Sign Up and many more

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For your online success, a fast website is important. Your site would benefit from fast loading times, no matter what the purpose of your website, from blogging for fun to selling goods online.

Thanks to improved visibility in search engines, boosting website speed will help you get more visitors. There are also better conversion rates for quicker websites, leading to more of these users entering the email list, clicking on links, ordering goods, or taking some other meaningful step.

Exactly what WPX Hosting was designed to do is offer fast loading websites. We’ll be looking at what this WordPress web host has to bring in this WPX Hosting analysis.

Be sure to read this WPX Hosting review to find out whether this service is the right choice if you’re launching a new WordPress website or dreaming about upgrading the hosting arrangements for an existing site.

But now that we’ve thought about why you need a fast website, how do you boost your loading times? Ok, going for a high-performance web host is one of the fastest and simplest ways to speed up the WordPress website. Therefore, this WPX Hosting summary would be of particular importance if you want to enjoy the advantages of a quick loading website.

Features and feedback on them

By exploring the best features and some of the advantages that you can reap by signing up with this web host, we will begin this WPX Hosting analysis. We’ll then look at the customer interface provided by WPX Hosting and the available pricing choices.

1.     Speed Test on WPX Hosting

To measure the reliability of WPX Hosting, the best-selling multi-purpose Avada WordPress theme was used.

Avada and one of its prototypes have been launched on a new WordPress installation hosted on a joint HostGator web hosting account at the entry-level. This website was then linked to the same setup that WPX Hosting housed.

Here are the findings of our speed checks for WPX Hosting using Pingdom:

  • Shared host load time for the budget: 3.60 seconds
  • WPX Load time for hosting: 1.97 seconds (45 percent faster)

Test of Speed

When testing the page speed and loading times using GTmetrix and Google Page Speed Analytics, changes were also seen.

As you can see, switching from a shared web host at the entry-level to a quicker provider like WPX Hosting can have a significant effect on the loading times on your pages. Selecting a quicker web host sounds very enticing as you realize the gains in conversion rates and user functionality that can be achieved by increasing site speed. It’s nice to note that the increased loading time was below the previously stated 3 seconds cut-off.

However, site pace isn’t it, so let’s take a look at what else WPX Hosting has to offer.

2.      Management of emails

Add a new box of emails

You will build your domain email accounts with WPX hosting, as seen in the above screenshot.

You would be able to generate as many email addresses as you want. If you like, you can forward the email addresses to your Gmail account. For any of the email boxes, you should even distribute the storage so that they do not consume all the online space that you have created.

You can even run the mail app from the browser’s URL if you like.

To facilitate direct routing of my WPX emails to the Gmail inbox, I tend to include WPX SMTP information in Gmail, which prevents the pause in email delivery caused by the forwarding of the mails.

3.      Cloud WPX And Its Significance

When finding a host for your WordPress pages, what is the #1 feature you search for? Pace and super-faster efficiency of websites, right?

Recently, WPX Hosting launched the WPX cloud to make your web load times super quicker, making it one of the world’s fastest WordPress hosting CDNs.

A CDN (content delivery network) refers to a globally dispersed community of servers that operate together to provide rapid Internet content delivery, whether you know it or not. That means they can encounter quicker loading locations, no matter where the website visitors are (be it London or Delhi).

Unlike other CDNs, WPX Cloud hosting is explicitly custom-built from the ground to give you quicker load times and high-performance WordPress hosting.

If you’re always curious why you should ever think about WPX, here are a couple of the main advantages.

  • Faster loading times: Are you serving the website’s foreign audience? If so, we have good news for you. If the website serves a global audience, as WPX Hosting internal tests show changes from 50 percent to 320 percent, based on website architecture and infrastructure, you can see a major difference in the WPX Cloud world.
  •  It’s FREE: WPX hosting recently added WPX cloud to all its clients to improve the efficiency of the website on their hosting network, as discussed above. The best thing is that they don’t bill even an extra penny for WPX cloud distribution. It’s free altogether.
  • Covering over 20 locations worldwide: WPX hosting provides over 20 locations worldwide to provide your website audience with great results as the content on your website will be delivered to guests from over 20 locations worldwide, covering 6 continents, making it the fastest hosting area.
  •  Better security: You might face downtime problems or few technological problems with conventional hosting units now and then, but with Cloud-based servers, you will rarely face those problems. In addition to that, the WPX cloud offers far better stability. So you should turn to WPX cloud if you’re looking for even better protection.

4.      Offers Free DDoS security at the enterprise level

If you’re curious what it’s all like to strike DDoS. Let us illustrate this in clear terms.

A denial-of-service (DoS) attack is an effort to make network infrastructure inaccessible to its intended users (which may be the blog or website), such as temporarily or permanently interrupting or halting Internet-connected host services.

A DDoS is where more than one, often thousands of, specific IP addresses are the root of the attack. That is equivalent to a group of people crowding a website’s access door or gate and not allowing authorized guests to reach the website, disturbing regular operations.

Here are a few issues you may experience when your site is targeted by DDoS.

  • The dramatic rise in the number of submitted spam emails
  • Unusually poor efficiency of networks (which makes your site load extremely slower)
  • A website’s unavailability
  • The inability of every website to access
  • And the list goes on, you know,

The nice thing about using WPX hosting is that it provides all WPX hosting clients with Incapsula, which is a market pioneer in DDoS security, with free Enterprise-level DDoS protection.

Short note: For all customers of WPX Hosting, this extra DDoS security is free. This DDoS defense alone is pricey, and will usually directly cost Incapsula at least $299 per website per month. Fortunately, a higher Business rate than the $299 is currently used by WPX hosting, meaning you don’t have to spend a cent to get the support.

The best thing about using Incapsula for DDoS security is that, regardless of its scale and without getting in the way of legitimate traffic, Incapsula is guaranteed to minimize any DDoS attack in under 10 seconds. So in safe hosting service, you are!

5.      99.95% Uptime Pledge and Regular Backups! of wpx hosting

WPX provides you with a regular backup of all your pages. That says, even though you delete all your website files (in the worst-case scenario), without any trouble or cost anything extra, it is still possible to get all the data back.

The best thing about using WPX as your hosting service is that for making regular backups, they don’t charge you even a cent. Regular backups were included in all of their hosting plans as an a’ feature.’

99.95 percent uptime assurance is another essential aspect of their hosting. That ensures that your site can get loaded without any bugs almost every single time.

The worst thing ever is when your site doesn’t show anything while visitors search your site. So the increased uptime gives you more advantage over your rivals.

6.      Migration of Free Website from the current host

One of the strong reasons that I have not switched my sites from HostGator to any other hosting provider is that I know how hard it is, even if you don’t have any technological expertise, it typically takes a lot of time.

But if you are using an existing service already and are not satisfied with it at all and want to switch from it to WPX hosting, you are lucky. They can move your sites to the WPX hosting servers for free from your current hosting service.

Everything you need to do is connect with their customer team, provide hosting information for your website, order hosting from them, and you’re done. Their customer service staff will take care of everything else for free.


7.      Instant Live Chat Support:

Staff at WPX is cooperative and Supportive.

Customer experience is the lowest of all at Web host companies. They don’t worry at all about their clients.

But with WPX customer staff, reacted very quickly to all the hosting queries and problems. With this experience, I was so impressed and this is one of the biggest reasons for me to switch from another hosting website to WPX hosting without much thought.

You can purchase their hosting if you are looking for a nice and super quick customer service team. You’re not going to reconsider your pick, I can promise it.

As well as a help desk ticketing system, WPX Hosting offers a 24/7/365 live text chat service. An online knowledge base is also available, which should answer your questions and help you solve any problems.

8.      WPX Hosting Easy Sign Up

It is very straightforward to register with WPX Hosting. Later in this WPX Hosting review, we’ll cover the hosting packages in more detail, but once you’ve selected a plan, just choose between paying monthly or saving up to $189 by paying annually.

WPX Hosting makes it simple to register your website with a new domain or use an existing domain name. Personally, independently from the web host, I prefer to register domains. If you wish to migrate your domain and website to a different web host in the future, this approach may offer more flexibility.

9.     The WPX Hosting pricings

  BusinessProfessional Elite
Monthly Price$24.99$49.99$99
Yearly Price (/mo.)$20.83$41.58$83.25
Storage10 GB20 GB40 GB
Bandwidth100 GB200 GBUnlimited

The cheapest tier of WPX Hosting enables you to host five websites, while most controlled WordPress hosts launch you with a single domain.

WPX Hosting does not impose any unreasonable guest restrictions on you, your bandwidth just limits you. A “visit” restriction rather than a bandwidth limit is used by most managed WordPress hosts.

Conclusion: WPX Hosting Last Thoughts

Overall, if you’re looking for cheap controlled WordPress hosting that still offers outstanding efficiency, WPX Hosting is a fantastic choice. If you host more than one blog, it is still particularly good value, and even the entry-level package enables you to host up to five websites (whereas most other managed WordPress hosts only let you host a single site).

The one blind point with WPX Hosting is its dashboard, but not a big deal. I do not find it as user-friendly as other managed WordPress hosts, but it is usable, and it does not provide as many resources as other premium managed WordPress hosts.

For most WordPress users, though, I still think the dashboard is completely usable and the trade-off is worth it because you still get:

Strong efficiency, as our hands-on performance assessments show.

Excellent support, along with other support features, such as unrestricted free removal of malware.

Nice value since the entry-level package for WPX Hosting is better than any other managed WordPress hosts (especially if you need to host multiple websites).

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