Digital Deepak Internship has changed thousands of lives in India and abroad including me. All interns are giving feedback with a lot of success stories. In this article, you will get a complete review of the Digital Deepak Internship Program.

About Digital Deepak: Digital Deepak is the brand name of Deepak Kanakaraju who is well known in the digital marketing industry. He is an expert in deep marketing concepts.

He started his online journey with a motorcycle blog in 2008.

He is Blogger (, an Affiliate Marketer, Mentor in the digital marketing industry for more than 12 years. He has worked with many brands and startups.

DigitalDeepak is Co-founder of many projects like Pixel Track, OptinChat, DigitalMarketingClub, High Traffic, and many more

Digital Deepak Wikipedia profile and digital deepak youtube channel will be the best source for more info.

Deepak Kanakaraju is the author of best-selling book “Edge Of Sanity” (How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur without Losing Your Sanity)

Detail story

What is Digital Deepak Internship Program?

DigitalDeepak internship program is an interactive learning modal of digital marketing where interns learn digital marketing deeply.

It’s in-depth learning of digital marketing, Digital Deepak always explains from starting Wayback to today’s scenario.

All interns can see videos in the LMS where you will get login access after enrolling into it. First, you have to watch the video then there will be an assignment for it which you have to submit by doing it practically.

You will have an online session for assignment explanation where Deepak Kanakaraju will explain how to complete the assignment. Followed by a Q&A session by Kamna Jain from team after 2-3 days where you can ask any question regarding the assignment.

Interns call it MBA in Digital Marketing.

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Why Digital Deepak Internship Program?

If you are in any level of digital marketing, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert in digital marketing. You must join it because you will get a deep and clear understanding of digital marketing.

You will learn everything related to digital marketing with examples.

After completing it you will become a personal brand which will help you to get a good job or digital freelancer or affiliate marketer or become a digital mentor.

Modules of Digital Deepak Internship Program

The internship will be completed in 12 weeks

Week 1 – Success Mindset
Week 2 – The Law of Marketing
Week 3 – Discovering Your Profitable Niche
Week 4 – Creating Your WordPress Blog
Week 5 – Becoming the King of Content
Week 6 – Building Your Tribe and Social Media
Week 7 – Lead Magnets and Lead Generation
Week 8 – SEO (Serch Engine Optimization)
Week 9 – Facebook Ads
Week 10 – Google Ads
Week 11 – Email Marketing Automation
Week 12 – Sales and Conversion

After that 4 bonus weeks which will help you to design your digital career

Bonus Week 1 – Personal Branding & Dream Job
Bonus Week 2 – Affiliate Marketing
Bonus Week 3 – Digital Freelancing
Bonus Week 4 – Digital Mentoring

Digital Marketing Assignments.

Every week after learning through videos you will get an assignment.

The assignment will push you to implement the learning by doing it practically.

It’s the beauty of the DigitalDeepakInternship program where will learning digital marketing by doing.

While completing the assignments you will get a deep understanding of digital marketing contents and tools. This exercise will help you in your upcoming career.

Separate Q&A sessions will be there by Kamna Jain or other team members of the pixel track team to solve your queries related to assignments.

Interns will get enough time to complete the assignments. In case your assignment does not approve the first time, you will another chance to correct it and submit again.

How much is Digital Deepak Internship fees?

It’s FREE.

Shocking Na! It’s absolutely free.

Digital Deepak Internship Review

The cost of digital deepak internship program is nothing, but you have to deposit some money as a security which will be refunded after completing each assignment in installments.

I am an intern of batch-4 for where the security deposit was 14999/- only. but doesn’t matter how much you deposit, it will be returned after completing the assignments.

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Benefits of DigitalDeepak Internship Program

The ultimate benefit of the Digital Deepak marketing Internship program is, it will launch your digital marketing career.

Other benefits

  • You will be helped to get a Job in digital marketing.
  • You can start as Digital Marketing Freelancer
  • You can start affiliate marketing
  • You can become digital marketing mentor
  • You will join like minded people groups
  • You will get access to many tools for your next digital journey
  • Some of other courses will be gifted in between the internship

Digital Deepak Internship Pros & Cons


  • Deep knowledge of digital marketing
  • Anyone can join the program
  • It’s free
  • Learning by doing things practically
  • Complete Online learning


  • Some security deposit involved
  • No cost of internship program sometime harms the productivity

Feedback from Interns about there success journey

Hey Deepak,

I want to give you my sincere feedback about this ongoing internship now.

The concept of internship is mind-boggling and it’s like heaven for a digital marketing aspirant. You are teaching us everything since these things started many years ago, which clears many doubts automatically.

It’s a completely true MBA in digital marketing because I have done MBA in marketing so I know the value of the content which you are teaching us.

The assignments are the biggest asset of the internship which pushes interns to take action.

This internship is going to rock the world.

I assume 5-10 years down the line; industries are going to hire interns with the highest packages. Like TOP B-Schools.

I have a beautiful suggestion on assignments, give more assignments to the interns (not for cash-backs, for that the running system is best), who are willing to do more practical things and give them scores. The score you can show in the certificates because in coming years industries will ask the score of DDIP in the interviews.

Once again thanks for being a mentor in my success journey and teaching me by doing the actual work. I am truly enjoying the Internship Program Batch 4 and Learning in a big way. This Internship is more than I expected.

Mentor Subhash (Batch-4)

DigitalDeepak Internship Program

Many more digital deepak internship reviews below-

How to enroll into Digital Deepak internship program?

geting into the the program is easy. you have to follow the simple steps.

first you have fill a required form.

apply for digital deepak internship

Your application status will be confirmed through email by digital deepak team. You will called for internship webinar where you will get everything cleared before enrolling.


I have tried to give you detailed review in this article. Being a student or intern i can assume the value of the program.

If you are also intern and want to share your feedback, please write in the comment section.

You can search more about the program on the internet but being an intern i have practically gone through the internship, You must join digital marketing internship.


Who can join digital deepak internship?

Students, professionals, House-wife, businessmen, or anyone can join who is willing to learn digital marketing.

What if the assignment not approved?

Not to worry! If your assignment is not approved on the first attempt then you can resubmit it. And the beauty of the internship is you will get complete support from the team.

What is the age limit for the internship?

Age is no bar for the internship. If you have the zeal to learn, you can join it.

Duration of the program?

It’s a 12-week program and you will get a 4-week bonus to launch your career.

How I will get cash-back/ security back?

The program is designed in such a way where you will learn everything and you will get money while learning.
You have to complete the assignments and you will get cashback on every assignment approval.

How will it help me in my career?

It will help to get good JOB in digital marketing

You can become freelancer in digital marketing

You can start affiliate marketing and

You can become a digital marketing mentor.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment box.

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