Before we dive into FlexiFunnels Ocean we need to understand what is the funnel?

The Funnel is a process of the customer journey where sees first time something interesting but doesn’t buy that product immediately.

Any person who has shown interest in your product or service by seeing an advertisement anywhere and did not purchase your product yet. That person can become your customer if you can teach him the value of your products and how it can help him in his life.

Funnels come into the picture where you can pre-design the format for a prospect to the customer journey. In the funnels, you can design landing pages, webinars, email capture forms, email automation to nurture the prospect, and many more things.

What is FlexiFunnels and How it is beneficial?

> FlexiFunnels completely developed in India, we can say Made In India.
> It’s India’s first funnel builder.
> It’s a platform where anyone can do business online.
> It’s an opportunity for you to Bring Your Own Business Online. 
Or You can START Online Business Today. 
> You can do full-fledged business online.

Top 20 Benefits of the FlexiFunnels-

Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder 

Anyone with zero coding knowledge or even no technical background can now create highly converting websites & funnels.

FlexiFunnels is a pure drag and drops landing page builder.

It’s very easy to use.

Imagine any website or landing page and you can do the same with drag and drop functions.

You can create a Sales page, Product launch page, Order form, Order confirmation, One-click upsell, One-click downsell, Email landing page, Download page or Thank you page.


These are the main requirements for an online business and these all are there in FlexiFunnels. Apart from that, multiple pre-designed templates will help you to grow your business according to your imaginations.

In the page builder, you can insert Text, Images, Buttons, Audio & Video all types of content.

Super Fast Hosting and Accelerated Page Delivery 

This is something which very critical and very important. Your website has to be loaded quickly. If your website is not loading faster, you are losing business volume.

Walmart researched that if the website is loading in 3 seconds instead of 2 seconds, Walmart loose 33% traffic.

This means speed loading is the best way to attract more traffic. Google also loves fast loading speed.

FlexiFunnels in-house developed Accelerated Page Delivery system which will load your website, blog, or page within 1 second.

 It will ensure more revenues for your business.

Integrated Payment Method Integrations

For online sales, you need a payment gateway which you can get from many available in the market like Razorpay, Instamojo, PayU, PayUmoney, Paypal, etc.

FlexiFunnels provides and types of online payment gateways integration in the easiest way where you even need not go to the payment gateway dashboard.

You can also customize the payment checkout page according to you and also track the checkout page with help of pixels or any other tracking code.

High Converting Checkout Pages


You can insert Text, Images, Videos, Timer, or any other features on the payment check out page.

You will get a Cart Abundant facility from FlexiFunnels. Like customer was trying to pay due to any reason he was not able to do it. FlexiFunnels will send the email to him and ask for repaying which will increase your business.

Bump Offers

Bump offers something to offer to increase the cart value while payment.

Bump offers are proven to increase the average cart value by 18-37%

This 18-37% extra revenue is flowing to your bank account without any other extra cost.

You can add any product or service which you sell online in bump offer.


Advance FlexiFunnels Logics

You are dealing in Physical Products or Online Products or Online Courses. You can sell anything online without any coding.

It’s very easy to upload products/services online with an easy process of pictures adding, text, video, payment options with discount offers, etc.

You can integrate multiple sales pages for UPSELL/down-sell.

Customers will move from one page to another page with beautiful offers.

You can create OTO1, OTO2, OTO3, or many more OTOs.

Customers will be offered OTO1 just after the payment which will increase your sales if the customer doesn’t go for OTOs then he can simply click on the No Thanks button and enjoy the purchase services.

If you are not a tech guy then you do not get multiple payment buttons on a single page but in Flaxifunnels you will get it.

It looks like a complex thing for you but when you will start using FlexiFunnels you will love it because it will feel very simple to use.

FlexiFunnels Course Section

If you a mentor/coach/trainer then you can create your course online and sell it online in FlaxiFunnels.

You will get all the required features in FlexiFunnels for online courses.

It is completely customizable according to your need.


The internal upselling option also there if your customer wants more courses from you. After logging into the customer dashboard he will see the other related courses which he might be interested in.

All these things will increase your sales volume.

You can also invite your email list people for sales webinars from the course membership area.

Advance Integration

You have used multiple tools or software for your funnels earlier but in FlexiFunnels allows you to do all the activities on the same platform.

Your lead capturing page will catch the name & email which will be forwarded to the online autoresponder.

Usually, it costs a lot to you on monthly basis but the big issue in it is if anyone is not working properly then the entire funnels will not work properly and you will lose your big sales volume.

Done For You Funnels & Pages 

 More than 500 Done For you Funnels & Pages are there for you which are designed for common uses which you need to change a little and use for your business.

All types of local business templates are available.

If you are a freelancer in website designing, you can design multiple websites for your client within a couple of minutes.  

Fully Mobile Responsive Pages 

All your pages will be fully mobile responsive without any other settings.

This thing will help you to grow your business for types of customers like mobile users as well as computer users.

No coding is required for mobile-responsive pages.

Automatic Split Testing 

Automatic split testing will help you to test high converting pages. If one page is converting more sales than another one. Then you can divert your more traffic to the high converting page to generate more sales for your business.

FlexiFunnels provides you the facility to do split testing into your pages.

Automated Email System In FlexiFunnels

If you are an online business person, you are aware of the email facility. Which costs you too much.

In flexifunnels, you can send automated emails without any other facility required.

You can send a welcome email then another email after 2 days then more emails in the next couple of days. You can do it in the flexifunels easily.

Digital Assets 

You can create your small products eg PDF download, small checklist, or any other assets which you want to share with your clients.

You can do these things easily.

Many other things are available in this option which you will enjoy while using it.

How to Add Domain into FlexiFunnels 

You can add your domain. All the pages are built on flexifunnels but customers will go to your own website/domain only.

SEO Meta

SEO meta you can also add into your content which will show your search engine.

SEO Meta is the description for your title content for a search engine.

Pixel Tracking in Flexifunnels

You can track all types of user traffic on your pages by adding the tracking pixels of Facebook, Google, or any other tracking codes.

You can use these for remarketing.

These are the users who visited your pages who might be interested in your more products.

It will increase your sales.

Contacts Centralisation 

All the contact generated while sales or promotions will be saved and can be seen in the dashboard.

No one else cannot see them and challenge their privacy.

Sales Reporting 

You can track all types of sales reports. This feature will help you to see your progress in business easily.

How to add SSL in Flexifunnels 

Good news. You need not to add any SSL individually. SSL will be automatically added into your Flexifunnels pages.

It’s necessary to gain the trust of an online user who always wants to have secured transactions and for that we need SSL.

SSL certificate will increase your website authenticity and a good experience for your users.

Flexifunnels will automatically add an SSL certificate to your website which will save you huge money.

FlexiFunnels Affiliates Program 

Flexifunnels affiliate program will available for all of flexifunnels users.

There is Huge Opportunity for all the FlexiFunnels users, who wants to promote flexifunnels.

They will have the opportunity to Share and EARN a big income.

FlexiFunnels is a recurring income plan where you earn money on every renewal.


I have researched complete acknowledge from Saurabh Bhatnagar tutorials. I am excited to have the first ever Indian funnels. I strongly recommend to all to use it.