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What is GetResponse? Introduction

GetResponse email marketing service is an email marketing tool especially for small, medium, or large companies to build their targeted subscriber base with new technology and automated ways.

Get Response is a complete package for businesses. Get response company provides Email Marketing tools, Landing Pages, Marketing Automation, Conversion funnels which not only help the Businesses in getting sales but also help them in expansion.


History of GetResponse Company

GetResponse took its first step in 1997. When they launched their product which was an autoresponder.

In 1998 they registered themselves and opened their office in Poland.

In 2000 they launched Smart autoresponder

In 2007 they release their first email templates and opens the Halifax office. In 2008 they released 150 more templates.

Achievements of GetResponse: –

GetResponse has a client base of more than 350000 in 183 countries. It is available in 27 different languages and operates globally in Poland, U.S., Canada, Malaysia, and Russia.

Key GetResponse Features

Get Response Auto Responder:

It is a feature that will allow the user to send messages to their subscribers automatically. They just need to create the Drip campaign that will work automatically even for new subscribers.

Get Response Email Templates

If we talk about their email templates, then they provide up to 220 templates (which are less than some of the competitors).

In Get Response review-The company provide many templates in grouping only like education, lead generation, etc.

  • Analytics: – One of the most important tools for businesses is their analytics. GetResponse provides a simple dashboard for its users which is
  • Easy to understand
  • User friendly
  • Better Coverage (open rates, click rates, etc.)

Their Analytics account not only provide these features but many more like: –

  • Data Analyzation: – The Analytics feature helps you to analyze your Emails in the correct possible manner. They will analyze the click rates, open rates, bounces, etc. It will be very helpful for you to understand your subscriber mindset.
  • Security: – The email contact data of your subscriber is very important for you. To help you in maintaining their privacy, you will be able to store all your subscriber data and analytics in a single platform.
  • Better understanding and Examine: – If you will be able to understand your audience mindset then it will help you in capturing a good lead for your business. You will be able to understand what type of mails attracts your subscribers to the website, signup forms, etc.
  • Real-Time Check: – You will be able to track your subscribers in real-time check like- Which device your subscribers use: – Desktop, mobile, IPad.
  • Which Platforms they use like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Apple Mail, etc.
  • You can analyze the Open Rates and Click-through Rates for your emails.
  • You can compare different campaigns at the same time.
  • A/B Testing: – It is a type of test that will help you to analyze your results of different emails, signup forms, or newsletters.

A/B Testing or Split Testing in Getresponse?

Getresponse is the best email marketing software in the world. get reponce provides A/B types of testing, you have to send your email to some of your subscribers. If that works well then send that to the rest of your subscribers.

If didn’t then you can send different variant mail to another group of subscribers. To check whether this mail will work better than the previous mail or not.

It is better than many competitors because the Getresponse email marketing service will help you to test up to five different messages against each other. That will give you a better result which will help you to generate better leads.

GetResponse Landing Page Builder

With Get response landing page builder, You can easily create stunning and beautiful landing pages with the help of their Drag and Drop builder.
The landing page is very helpful to get visitors and leads into your business.

You can use the landing page to –
1. Grow your contact list
2. Sell your product
3. Promote Webinars or Training

Their ready-made templates are mobile-friendly. You can create your templates with their built-in image editor.

Responsive Landing Page Templates

Get Response Webinar Funnel

Getresponse company provides the Facility of conducting online webinars from their account by adding a paid add-on.
If someone wants to enable webinars in their plans then they need to pay an extra amount of $40/mo for 100 attendees and $99/mo for 500 attendees.

Nowadays the webinars are the exclusive ways through which you can build your marketing lists and convert your visitor to your permanent customer.

Ultimate Lead Gen

GetResponse webinars provide audio and video streaming facilities. They provide access to online polling, desktop sharing, file sharing, and digital whiteboard. Your attendees cannot chat with each other but they can also ask questions.

Get resposne Automated conversion Funnels

In this modern era, people are looking for everything automated and all solutions in one place. Get response automated conversion funnel provides everything automated in the sales funnels.

You can build a landing page –> bring traffic to your page –> collect emails–>make automated emails with the help of autoresponders –> sell your product –> convert your visitors into your customers.

Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]

The sales funnel process is very long but it is a very easy and smooth process. You have to just set up your landing page, drive traffic and sell your product. GetResponse will handle everything else on your behalf.

  • Ease of Use: – The dashboard of GetResponse is very user-friendly. You can use it from mobile by downloading their app.  You will be able to understand everything because you will find everything in proper systematic order. Every tool and feature is very easy to use.
  • Support: – GetResponse customer support is one of the best support systems among other email marketing companies. They have live chat and email support. They will provide online tutorials and resources.

Now they have discontinued their phone support, but you can get this in their MAX plan. If we consider the overall support system then it is very good and reasonable.

Get response use for Business Owners

Get responce email marketing plays a huge role for business owners. They can build their audience, build their strong bond with them and turn them into their lifelong customer.

Get response provide a complete marketing bundle for Entrepreneurs: –

  • List Building: – To Earn from your business, you just need an audience. You can build a landing page, drive traffic to that page and build your list of subscribers.
  • Engage with new subscribers: – When someone signs up for your newsletter, you can instantly respond to them through their autoresponder tool which will help you to build a good image in front of your audience.
  • Earning: – After engaging with your subscribers on continuity. You can easily convert them into your customers by providing them good quality and valuable products.
  • Online Marketing: – Entrepreneurs can promote products and services online.

Get response use for Online Marketer

As an online marketer, you can easily correctly use their marketing bundle: –

  • Drive Traffic: – You can attract people to your offers and services by using their lead generation tool. You can encourage people to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Nurture Leads: – You can nurture your subscribers by engaging with them on regular basis. You can use their predesigned email templates and autoresponders.
  • Selling and Tracking: – You can sell your services and products as online marketing in ongoing streams and webinars.

GetResponse Pricing

If we talk about the pricing of their service then they have 4 plans. We will discuss them one-by-one: –

GetResponse Free Plan: – They offer a free plan of their service for ’30 Days’. You don’t need any credit card, Just sign-up and use their service. They don’t provide all services for free but you can get sufficient as a beginner.

All-in-one software

 If you like them, then after 30 days you can consider their other plans as your need.

  • Basic Plan: – Their basic plan starts from $15/mo($10.50/mo in 2 years plan). According to the list size of 1000, they will provide the following features in their plan: –
  • Autoresponder
  • Unlimited Landing page
  • 1 Sales funnel
  • Facebook and Google Ads.
  • Sell e-products
  • Plus Plan: – Their Plus plan will start from $49/mo($34.30/mo in 2 years plan). According to the list size of 1000, they will provide the following features in their plan plus all the basic features: –
  • Automation Builder
  • Webinars up to 100 attendees
  • 5 sales funnel
  • Etc.
  • Professional plan: -Their Professional plan will start from$99/mo($69.30/mo in 2 years plan). According to the list size of 1000, they will provide the following features in their plan plus all the plus features: –
  • Unlimited automation builder
  • Web push notification
  • Unlimited sales funnel
  • Unlimited webinar funnels
  • Etc.
GetResponse Pro

They have one more plan ‘MAX’. If you want to use that plan then there will be custom pricing.



If we look at their overall performance and features then we can easily say that they suit more companies than individuals. Getresponse pricing is good but their features are designed for companies or entrepreneurs.

If you are a business that wants to generate leads then this is the best email marketing service for you but if you are someone who is a beginner then we will recommend you to consider other email marketing companies.

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