Interserver Vs WPX Hosting Full Comparison. (Features, Speed, Pricing, Integration of Clouds, Customer Support, Security & Protection)

1. General comparison

Data CentersYesYes
Server Hardware NetworkYes 
Account Sign Up/Provision Control PanelYesYes
Speed and PerformanceYes 
Data Backup Developer Tools WordPress Yes
Website Applications Advertising Credits Yes
Customer SupportYesYes
Customer Support Issue ResolutionYes 
Money-Back Guarantee Price/ValueYes 
WPX Vs Interserver review

Interserver has a wide variety of hosting options, including WordPress hosting, while only WordPress relies on WPX hosting. So, if you thought the two vendors were the same, think differently, because they’re not. I used a few main categories, such as features, pricing, results, etc., to test both Interserver and WPX Hosting to verify which one gives you better value for money.

InterServer is an inexpensive, full-service web hosting company that gives 24/7, 365 days a year, a distinctive focus on high-quality customer service delivered across multiple channels.

Interserver Hosting

You can find a range of hosting solutions to choose from with InterServer, including shared, VPS, and dedicated arrangements, as well as placement packages if you prefer to own the physical infrastructure. All of the plans for InterServer come with a comprehensive suite of features that make it easier to build and manage a website and an online presence.

WPX Hosting

WPX is a provider of web hosting that we have used briefly. The “World’s Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting” claims to be this company. But is that it?

Do not fear, this article will address all these questions. A comprehensive WPX Hosting analysis has been prepared by us.

Go through this and render your judgment accordingly. Comparison between WPX and Interserver

2. Interserver Vs WPX Price Comparison

Pricing does matter when you pick a web hosting provider. Without burning a hole in their wallets, start-ups are still searching for a secure web-hosting business. So, in our WPX Hosting analysis, the second feature that we’ll address is the pricing structure.

WPX Hosting’s pricing structure is divided into three groups, namely Business, Specialist, and Elite. Also, depending on your preferences, you can apply for an annual or monthly schedule.

Pricing on WPX hosting

  • You would need to pay $24.99/month if you pick the Business Strategy. For 5 websites, along with 10 GB of storage and 100 GB of bandwidth, you can get hosting advantages. If you want to pay annually, you can reduce the monthly fee to $20.83.
  • The payable balance would be $49.99/month if the Technical Package is perfect for you. You will be able to host 15 websites with this package. With this package, you’ll get 20 GB of capacity and 200 GB of bandwidth.
  • WPX Hosting’s third package is the most lucrative one, with a $99 monthly bill. You will, however, get some cool features, including 35 hosting websites, 40 GB of capacity, and unrestricted bandwidth.
  • You can get access to the WPX Cloud CDN with each package. Choosing WPX as your web hosting service has some additional benefits. This includes 24-to-7 live chat response, email support, unrestricted website conversion to WPX, staging area and manual backups, DDoS security, and detection of malware, 99.95 percent uptime guarantee, 30-day money-back policy, etc. With WPX Hosting, you can get a higher web hosting speed at a decent price relative to Kinsta and Pantheon, which charge $30 and $50 per month, respectively.

Interserver Pricing

  • Normal Hosting on the Internet
  • $5.00/mo »
  • Web Hosting ASP.NET
  • $5.00/month »
  • WordPress Handled
  • $8.00/month » Although clients will pay a bit of a premium for shared hosting, to justify the cost, InterServer provides performance, reliability, and support. The price-lock guarantee of the business ensures that consumers do not have to feel forced to sign up for long-term hosting subscriptions and will exactly specifically how much they can pay on the account for life.

3. Interserver Vs WPX Cloud Integration

WPX Cloud and CDN Integration

  • This brand’s built-in content management network is the WPX cloud (CDN). In 2018, WPX CDN was introduced and it has since been rising. Mentioning this function is important in our WPX analysis.
  • This brand boosts visitor website interactions by making the website load smoother with WPX’s cloud CDN features. WPX says that every random cloud system is not like their CDN. They have a built-in and personalized CDN that directly takes care of WordPress hosting for high efficiency.
  • WPX performs daily testing on its cloud CDN to improve WordPress efficiency, unlike random CDN firms. When it comes to raw pace, this is the reason why the WPX cloud is well ahead of other websites.
  • When a speed test was carried out with Pingdom, using WPX, on a website called, the findings turned out to be spectacular. Within 492 ms only, a tab with a 3.6 MB size was loaded. This will give you an idea of how fast the CDN will be for WPX.
  • If you prefer business, specialist, or elite plans, the WPX CDN alternative is open to all consumers. There are a total of 26 worldwide WPX CDN end-points. Therefore, if there is foreign traffic on your website, this function will do justice to it. You can handle a sudden spike in your website traffic with the WPX CDN functionality. To secure the website from a possible crash, WPX essentially reduces the load from primary servers. If you’re a new WPX customer, it will automatically trigger your cloud CDN option. However, if you entered WPX before October 24, 2018, you will have to activate this option.

Cloudflare at Interserver

  • You want a Content Distribution Network if your site has users from all over the world (CDN). It lets browsers connect to a server that is similar to them from everywhere.
  • On the internet, InterServer provides some of the greatest value.
  • The joint hosting of InterServer is boosted for free by the content distribution network (CDN) of Cloudflare. To load the website more efficiently, Cloudflare CDN uses caching and distribution optimization
  • It also defends against security breaches to your site. To access its perks, you will have to register for a Cloudflare account.

4. Customer Support & Assistance

WPX Customer Support

  • Since hosting a website, the obligation of a web hosting firm doesn’t stop. It’s just the start. Customers would not wait a moment to refuse their services if a web hosting provider does not offer regular maintenance and assistance. We have found technological assistance and email hosting as a big deal-breaker in our WPX Hosting analysis to determine whether or not you can vote for WPX as your web hosting service.
  • WPX loves its consumers and, with real-time assistance, this brand aims to fix their problems immediately. WPX’s customer service team has been built so that an individual who deals with a customer is also the one who can fix it. So, in switching from one branch to another, there is barely any time wasted.
  • WPX’s approach to customer service is efficient and any complaint you submit on their live chat panel will receive a response in 30 seconds or less. WPX’s technical assistance team is available for 365 days, 24/7. So, it doesn’t matter to which nation or position you belong. Anywhere and anywhere, WPX will serve you. With WPX, the amount of technical assistance that you will get is remarkable. The primary mode of support for this firm is live chat. In email and phone support, WPX is not a believer. They don’t want their consumers to wait after posting for their turn.

Interserver Customer Support

  • The 24/7 support program for its clients is one of Interserver’s standout features as a web host.
  • Perhaps better, the strategy you want has nothing to do with the amount of service you receive. All, regardless of plan, gets the same access to the phone, ticket, or chat support.
  • InterServer provides 24/7 technical assistance that can be accessed through InterServer Live Chat, telephone, or ticketing support. For the level of service offered, the customer care staff has received awards. But if you’re looking for tools for self-help (such as documents or a knowledge base), know that in this field, InterServer is not too strong.

5. Security and Protection

WPX Security and Protection

  • Security and security are key aspects that any business searches for from its provider of web hosting services. We’ll let you know in our WPX analysis how successful WPX is in the area of security and privacy.
  • From our experience, in terms of security and privacy, we believe WPX came out well. You can access their integrated and personalized Web Framework Firewall by opting for WPX (WAF). With WPX, you can also get 24 x 7 malware protection.
  • To detect any possible malware attacks, the WPX team checks the website regularly. The required files are quickly deleted if they can detect the possibility of malware.
  • The enterprise-level DDoS security operated by Incapsula can be combined with WPX. With this app, you will keep the website from crashing unnecessarily. Again, this functionality of WPX is worthy of praise as it enables the website to be available at all times.

Security and Protection at Interserver

Let’s take a look at how the protection and efficiency of Interserver perform against industry norms.

  • Datacenters Available: Three data centers are managed and run by InterServer: two centers are based in Secaucus, NJ and one is in Los Angeles, CA. To host the pages, you can select either of these centers.
  • Policy Backup: To build redundancy on its systems, InterServer utilizes OpenStack, so any shared hosting service comes with free weekly backups. For 60 days, they retain three copies of each backup.
  • Restoration: Restores can be done from your control panel and are secure.
  • Alternatively, you can launch manual backup or restore from cPanel (Linux servers) or Plesk (Windows servers).
  • For WordPress: For WordPress hosting, with a free plugin like BackWPUp, you can install extra backups.
  • Dedicated Servers and VPS: You need to take care of your backups for VPS and Dedicated servers, but there are strong support articles to help you – see our overview of the self-help section further down the list’
  • Guarantees for Power and Uptime: InterServer provides clients with an uptime assurance at a rate of 99.9% and 100% of the time with uninterrupted electricity. Their SLA describes downtime as “unable to send data to or receive from a server.”

6. WPX Vs InterServer Speed

WPX Speed


With the speed feature, we’ll launch our WPX analysis. To a large degree, hosting speed determines the preference of a web-hosting provider. Strong web-hosting speed means loading the web-page easily. So, visitors’ chances of spending more time on your website are growing. Let’s get back to the analysis of WPX Hosting. The pace of the WPX is impressive indeed. In 2019, Matthew Woodward undertook an independent trial to test this function. For 7 global places, Woodward used Pingdom and GTMetrix to run these checks. It turns out, the loading time for WPX was 357 ms with Pingdom and 0.80 seconds with GTMetrix.

Speed at Interserver

CDNs support the users of the website from a node that is nearest to them geographically. This suggests that they have the fastest site loading speed possible.

For small firms, the pace of site loading is important. Research indicates that you lose a large number of future clients with every extra second that your website takes to launch. This is because browsers are used for best-in-class experiences, and if it takes too long to launch, they will leave the web impatiently. InterServer, a remarkable achievement for web hosting providers, has also been found to have an uptime of 100 percent. Using an intelligent BGPv4 routing protocol, the platform allows it to direct traffic to the closest backbone provider, increasing speed efficiently and reducing latency. This is in addition to the fact that its servers are not overrun by the enterprise, which can result in poor site results.

Conclusion: Final Words

For some other factors in the InterServer Vs WPX Hosting comparison, we considered WPX an appropriate option. All about WPX is striking: a responsive cloud CDN, inexpensive pricing options, top-notch stability, unrestricted migration.

You should give WPX a shot if you have been searching for a fast, efficient, and inexpensive web hosting service provider for a long time now. Also, if you have had any rough encounters with the web hosting companies available and are looking to move, we suggest that you go for WPX.

Interserver can be a good option if a person is looking for the features which are exclusively available at Interserver with that the data backup and security is more powerful at Interserver. With this detailed comparison, you can decide best for your business website.

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