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Hostinger Review 2021: Comparison vs Alternatives: (BlueHost, GoDaddy, & HostGator)

So, Let’s Dive into this topic of Hostinger Review.


Hostinger, a platform where you will host your website. It is a place where you will be able to design your website.

So, in this article, we are going to do Hostinger hosting Review

It is a very Detailed Article on Hostinger web hosting review, where you will get to know its Pros and Cons. We are going to compare it to other Hosting Platforms. 

So, before knowing about its Review and other related things. Let’s get to known about some basic things. 

What is Hosting/Web Hosting?

Suppose, you plan to build a house but don’t know have any place to build it. You visit a real estate agent and he provides you a land. You build your house and name it. 

The same thing applies to your hosting.

You want to build a website, you visit your Real Estate Agent (Your Hosting Provider). In this case, Hostinger is your Real Estate Agent. 

Hostinger hosting will provide you a Place on its platform, where you can build your website. The land will be your Hosting, the process of website designing is called Website Creation and the name will be called Domain name

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History- How Hostinger Started?

Hostinger was created in 2004 with a vision to let people create their WordPress website for free. Their headquarters is placed in Kaunas, Lithuania.

If we talk about some of the data according to Hostinger than

  • They get 15k new websites installed on average.
  • 10k new users signups every day on average.
  • More than 19M users worldwide.

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Now, Let’s focus on the Hostinger Web Hosting reviews which will help you to decide whether you want to go with the Hosting Provider. 

Pros of Hostinger Web Hosting:

Easy to setup-

The provider takes care of everything for you. The beginner’s starter pack will help you to build websites quickly. Their Drag and Drop Builder will help you to Build websites Effectively and Efficiently. WordPress also recommended Hostinger WordPress Hosting.

Fast Website

If your websites are not optimized for SEO i.e; Slow loading speed then it will not be able to attract visitors. With the help of their Global Datacenters which are deployed in 7 different regions: – U.K; USA; Brazil; Netherlands; Singapore; Indonesia; and Lithuania. The Developers of Hostinger have developed their own LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress. This plugin will help you to increase the speed of your WordPress website with 3X more power as guaranteed by Hostinger. 

24/7 Live Support

The most important aspect of any company to become the best depends on its customer experience. If that company is not able to solve their customer issues, then that company will never be able to grow properly. Suppose, you faced a problem during your website creation then you can contact their customer support. Their live chat is easy and fast. Hostinger web hosting is working on this from starting, they always want to give their customer the best experience. This is the reason a beginner should always choose Hostinger. 

Ease to use WordPress-

After all the processes, you can install WordPress with 1-click. The website building is also done by their easy Drag and Drop method. Their plugin helps them to make their website fast and SEO optimized.

H panel

Hostinger web hosting owns a different control panel which is Hpanel. The difference between Cpanel And Hpanel is only the name, all the features remain the same.

Ease of use-

The Panel is designed for beginners, even you have very little knowledge about website development. You can easily design t your website. It is very user friendly.

Give users different choices-

The Panel is designed for Advance website users also. This tool will give a wide variety of choices of different tools for users which help to check their website growth.

Optimized WordPress-

Optimised WordPress is one of the important features of a website is Better speed, SEO optimization, and other important features. 

Money-Back Guarantee-

If you think that Hostinger hosting is not providing you the relevant support or you are not happy with their service. Then you can contact them and Ask for a refund. Their 30-day money-back policy will help you to claim your refund easily. 

Hostinger Hosting Plans and offers-

One of the most important features a beginner search for in their hosting providers their plans and offers for beginners.

Hostinger website hosting is known for its plans and offers from time to time. Hostinger hosting plans are very cheap and best for new customers. If you will check their website you will always find some offers going on for new customers. 

Cons of Hostinger Web Hosting:

Not Easy Chat Support-

Customer support is always an issue for some beginners because when you try to contact their support team, it will always take some time to get back to the users. When you ask them a simple question, sometimes it will always take more than 24 hours to get back to you. They have a team of very professional engineers, who always there for you when you need them. But they take some time to respond to your queries which sometimes leads to more than an hour. 

Renewal Charges-

If you are satisfied with their service and want to continue with their service then you need to consider their renewal policy and its Terms and Conditions. If you are on single hosting plans then it will charge you $2.20; if you have a premium web hosting plan then they will charge you more than $3. So there are some issues with their hosting renewal plans because they are not very user friendly. But if you are happy with their service then you can consider their renewal plans.

Money-Back Guarantee issues-

As discussed Earlier Hostinger has a 30-day money-back guarantee. But there is always some exception to every company’s policies in their money-back guarantee options. The same applies to Hostinger, the following things are not available in their refund policies. 

  • Domain name Renewals
  • Redemption Feeds
  • Privacy Protection
  • SEO toolkit
  • G-suite

Hostinger Web Hosting Plans:

Hostinger reviews hostinger review

Hostinger Single Web Hosting-

Beginners Pack- If you are looking for cheap web hosting, go for hostinger cheap and best web hosting. You will get 1 Website with 10 GB SSD Storage and 10000 visits Monthly and 1 Email Account. You will also get a free SSL and100 GB Bandwidth. You can also get managed WordPress and WordPress Acceleration. A 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Hostinger Premium Web Hosting-

Personal Websites pack– Apart from cheap hosting. Hostinger has multiple plans. Personal Website pack plan includes all the options of a Single web Hosting plan with some extra benefits. This time you can host 100 Websites with an extra20 GB of SSD Storage and 25000 Visits Monthly. You will be able to generate 100 free Business Emails. 

Hostinger Business Web Hosting-

For Small and Medium Businesses– This time you will get the same benefits of premium but 100 GB more SSD and more than 100000 visits monthly. Now you will get a Daily Backup option for your website performance and safety. 


In this Comparison report, we are going to compare different hosting plans with Hostinger based on Performance and Pricing.

Hostinger vs. Bluehost

If you are looking for some cheap and reliable hostings then you can easily consider these options. But if you want to save some more money than you can consider Hostinger. But if you want a better performance than Bluehost will be the better choice. See Complete BlueHost Review

If you are a beginner then you can choose Hostinger and if you are want everything better then you can choose Bluehost.

Bluehost.com Web Hosting $3.95Unlimited Web Hosting from Bluehost for only $3.95!

Hostinger vs. GoDaddy

If we compare both Hosting then both offer good performance at a better price. But if you want to choose one then we will go with GoDaddy. Because this web hosting provider can provide you better performance than Hostinger. If we talk about the price, then it is slightly higher than Hostinger but there is not much difference. So you can go with GoDaddy.

Hostinger vs. Hostgator

In this comparison, the winner will be Hostinger because of its better price and better performance. Hostinger has a very huge audience base than Hostgator. Hostinger provides you all the features includes basic and advance at a very good price. So in this comparison, our winner will be always Hostinger.

You saw the comparisons between different hosting providers. Now you have to make a choice with whom you want to go and why. You can also consider other factors like Ease of use, Support, and features.


As we have discussed all the details about the Hostinger Review. It’s Advantages and Disadvantages. We compare different plans and their policies. 

Now, you have to make a choice, which plans you want to go with. If you ask our choice then we will recommend you, if you are a beginner then you can choose their Single Hosting Plan because of their best price and best service. 

For Beginners, Hostinger is always the first choice. Their Premium and Business web hosting plans are more than enough for personal blogs and small businesses respectively.

So, if you want to consider cheap and best hosting or affordable hosting then consider Hostinger web hosting. This is our Recommendation for your websites.


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